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No, but apparently standing is
Thu Oct 11, 2018 17:35

He did not know if he was expecting a response right away, because the other boy (...he was a boy too, right? Which meant the boy here was a “other” boy? Yes, that sounded right) was missing his leg, after all. That seemed like an appropriate thing to be panicking about, and it would also make sense that the panicking had prevented him from responding. But as he watched, he realized that although the other boy was not responding, the other boy also was not still panicking, or at least not as loudly as he had been before. Now he was just… running away. Except not very well. The crash proved that. “Vart ska du?” he demanded, bewildered, as the missing-leg-boy scooted across the floor like a puppy on hardwood. (Huh, that was a random comparison. Where had he seen a puppy before? He was pretty sure he did not have a puppy, or any pets.)

Once more, however, he was distracted by someone else yelling. This time, it was a girl with very red hair, and she was not yelling about legs, missing or otherwise. She was not yelling about anything, as far as he could tell. It just sounded like, well, sounds, and no meanings. It was somehow even louder than the missing-leg-boy had been yelling, and he had actually had something worth yelling about. And the way she was combining yelling with waving her arms around made it seem like she was trying to scare off an animal or person, but why? He looking over his shoulder, and then the other shoulder, too, and concluded that there was nothing sneaking up behind him that needed to be scared off. While he was trying to figure out the reason for her yelling, the girl had gotten closer, and he jumped at realizing she was right in his face. He glared at her and took a step back. This was all very confusing.

Once the girl had stopped flapping and screeching around like an owl (he was just full of comparisons today, wasn’t he?) (and why was he thinking about owls now?) and started talking at a decent human volume, he was surprised to hear how bright her voice was. But her unreasonable cheerfulness was soon explained as she kept talking, because apparently the girl was convinced the missing-leg-boy had, in fact, simply lost his leg, and it was just a matter of finding it. Ridiculous. Deciding this was a ridiculous conversation to continue in, and still feeling hungry, he Investigated the quality of the cheese still on his knife before licking it off. He was musing over the tastelessness of the cheese when--


“Självklart!” The boy was conveniently still clueless to the language coming out of his own mouth, and so snapped this very not-English word around his mouthful of cheese. “Gör du det?” Exasperated, he turned to glare at the girl again. “Och finns det något fel med dig? Hans ben är bort. Helt bort. Att hittas det fixar ingenting!” As the declaration was still in the air, he realized that he was unconsciously gesturing with the knife and åhhh was that why the redhead had been yelling at him so violently? Oops. “Förlåt,” he apologized, heat flooding his cheeks as he glanced between both of the other kids (...he was a kid, too, right? If nothing else, he was at least medium height, and had a not very explainable feeling that he would grow taller, which suggested he hadn’t finished yet, which suggested he was a kid), and put the knife back down on his table the table that had the plate of lasagna he had been eating and was presumably his.

|ooc translation
“Where are you going?”
“Obviously! Do you?”
“And what’s wrong with you? His leg is totally gone. Finding it won’t fix anything!”

  • Is sitting a skill? - Nolan, Wed Oct 10 15:48
    No matter how horrified you were, at some point you had to stop screaming in horror because you ran out of air or you just felt uncomfortable or something else crazy happened. In this case it was all ... more
    • No, but apparently standing is - Not Anssi, Thu Oct 11 17:35
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