Or a premonition?
Fri Oct 12, 2018 16:15

Her companion agreed about the commotion, and then started rifling through a folder. What could he be looking for? If he were to ask her something specific about… well, about anything, really, she might not be able to answer. She was already wildly uncomfortable, in an unfamiliar place without knowing how she got there, conversing with a person she did not recognize but who made her instinctively reach for her wand. If there existed a good set of circumstances for divulging she was not even aware of her own identity, this most certainly was not it.

Then, to her surprise and short-lived relief, the person made an introduction. The surprise came about because the girl in the champagne-colored dress had been certain of some existing animosity with this person, and the relief because if this person did not know her, then they would not realize that she was not in possession of much knowledge about herself, either. It was short-lived for many reasons: she could not return the introduction herself, she had been convinced she knew this other person (and if that was not the case, then why had she reached for her wand? Did she just do that whenever a stranger approached, perhaps? Had she encountered some trauma that made her especially jumpy, as well as a temporary amnesiac), and the name he provided was… well, it was a girl’s name.

This person - Dakota - had a young face, maybe younger than herself (although without knowing how old she was, nor precisely what she looked like, she couldn’t be sure), and wore - as she had already noted - clothes that struck her as not especially masculine, but she had assumed he was a boy. Even as she looked at him now, he still looked more like a boy, with that short hair style. Although maybe the hair was growing out? Maybe she had some sort of illness or accident that had required it to be shaved and it was still growing out? She looked at Dakota again and tried to decide what was happening. It wasn’t an ambiguous name like Sam or Max or Jamie that could belong to anyone, and her own physiology… well, she was more clearly female than the person opposite. This was perplexing.

Yet perhaps she had stumbled upon an answer for their presence there? If Dakota was a girl recovering from physical trauma, then she could herself be recovering from something, too, which might explain the memory loss. That still left her unable to introduce herself, but she returned the greeting with, “Have we not? You seem familiar.” She smiled, because she did not want to arouse any suspicion, and it felt like smiling was a potential way to disarm a person of that weapon.

She was still flummoxed when Dakota asked her about the fuss their peers were making in the vicinity. “Oh, I’m certain I wouldn’t know the answer,” she smiled in what she hoped was a modest manner. “I barely know any of the people here.” It was not a complete lie, because while currently she knew absolutely nobody, she had no recollection of how she had come to be halfway through a meal of pasta, and so it was a reasonable theory to suggest that she must know at least one other person in the vicinity when she was not suffering from her trauma.

Her hand still on her bag, she idly fiddled with the clasp, accidentally opening it up. The front of the satchel slanted forward with the weight of the books contained within, but it remained upright. Fortuitously it afforded her a glimpse of elegant handwriting on the front of an exercise book, proclaiming it to be the property of Claudia Dubois. At last with something concrete to offer (assuming she did not have the property of another person in the bag placed next to her, which would massively complicate matters), she glanced back at Dakota and said, “My name is Claudia.”

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    She had just seated herself when the girl across from her reached into her bag, which made her hand dart towards her own bag, which she had just placed on the floor next to her. There was a moment of ... more
    • Or a premonition? - Claudia, Fri Oct 12 16:15
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