But I just read that!
Fri Oct 12, 2018 16:49

Okay, was this a weird crazy school with people who had no idea how to sort their priorities?

Here they were, on a train of all things, with no memory. Based on the chaos around them, they werenít the only ones missing important pieces of information about themselves. One boy was screaming in a panic, and the boy near him was also shouting in an entirely different language. So if this was a school on a train, they were an international school. Duly noted. She realized that she also knew a language besides English, but it definitely wasnít whatever that boy was shouting.

A red-headed blur appeared by the two screaming boys and made everything worse. Lots of other people looked confused, save for at least two people eating lunch together. She couldnít tell if they were just pretending they didnít know what was going on, or if they actually hadnít noticed a difference. Or, even worse, they were completely themselves and had inflicted whatever this was on the whole place, somehow making themselves immune.

Of course, it could also not be that bad. Maybe theyíd all agreed to be part of some kind of school project (again, she wasnít sure why school would be on a train, but whatever, some details were clearly not important at this time), and this was it. It was an experiment of some kind. Probably something social.

Which, anyway, this boy was failing. Who on Earth would choose to flirt in a crisis like this? They didnít even know who the other person was! Was he just the kind of guy to flirt with strangers with no regards for his own safety? Ugh, men could do that. They could flirt and not worry about the girl they were hitting on doing anything crazy back. ...alright, so she didnít know her name, but she knew she had lots of Feelings About the Patriarchy. She also knew was a patriarchy was. Mkay. Well then.

She wasnít able to control how warm her face was getting and she stammered a little at the boy, not managing to say anything coherent. She didnít feel like someone who got flirted with a lot. She didnít feel like she was attractive enough to warrant that kind of reaction upon a first glance or first meeting or conversation. And she absolutely didnít know what to do with it.

ďI - uh,Ē the dark-skinned girl tried to regain control of her speech, ďThank you? Um, maybe weíre study partners. That could be possible. I donít know what we were studying, though.Ē

  • Don't believe anything you read - Hunter, Wed Oct 10 19:34
    ĒI dunno if Iím studying magic or romance.Ē He blinked. He had not been aware either of those were things that people could study in school. They both sounded way better than history or social... more
    • But I just read that! - Remington, Fri Oct 12 16:49
      • " I donít know what we were studying, though. " The boy chewed on his lip for a moment and let his eyebrows twitch once more before leaning back in his seat and shaking his hand through his shaggy... more
        • I always want to be reading. - Remington, Sun Nov 4 20:58
          Naturally, the boy didnít know what they were studying, either. She glanced at the textbooks. There was one about Defense Against the Dark Arts. That might have something helpful inside. She got the... more
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