Train of thought
Mon Oct 15, 2018 13:46

“My head doesn’t hurt,” he answered the other boy, around a mouthful of pizza, that was quite tasty even with its lack of meat. After a quick assessment of the rest of his body, he answered, “My arm feels sort of strange.” He lifted the implied limb and waved it around a bit. It didn’t hurt, but it ached, and felt oddly heavy and stiff. “Of feels as if I hurt it a while ago, but it doesn’t hurt anymore,” he explained. He swallowed the last mouthful of his slice of pizza and thought about eating more, but he didn’t feel especially hungry. He felt hungry enough to eat, but the concern about his own health - not to mention his own knowledge - was beginning to eclipse his desire for food.

“I don’t remember anything much,” the dark haired, dark eyed boy confessed. “That’s why I thought I might have hit my head. That makes you forget things… right?” He sounded less certain of his theory now, because he could not remember how he had learned this supposed fact. It transpired that it was not just his name and current location shrouded in mystery: he could not remember anything at about himself. Where were his parents? Who was this person sitting with him? Where were they? Who were all these other young people? Why were only half of them dressed for Halloween, and why were they all wearing the same costume? Why did his arm hurt? Why was there no pepperoni on this pizza?

“I don’t remember who I am,” he eventually confessed to the other boy with him, who seemed maybe a little older, but not by much. “Do you know who I am?” If the other person did not know who he was, he would have to find that information out for himself. Knowing his own name would be a good start, he guessed.

  • Crazy Train - DJ, Tue Oct 2 13:11
    The kid stated that it must be Halloween and the dark haired boy furrowed his brow. The other kid was right a lot of people have robes on. He didn't have the grey robes on. "Or a cult," he mumbled... more
    • Train of thought - Jesse, Mon Oct 15 13:46
      • Going off rails - DJ, Tue Oct 23 09:54
        So the cult boy’s head didn’t hurt meaning he hadn’t hit it. The kid did say his arm felt strange as he waved it around oddly. Maybe that was a signal to the cult that their kidnapping was going okay ... more
        • Does a stationary train have rails? - Jesse, Thu Nov 22 11:48
          The other boy claimed not to know him, which was fine - unsurprising, even, as the sensation was reciprocal: neither of them knew the other. In fact it very soon transpired that neither of the boys... more
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