Cindra and Rhubarb (Ruby) Embers
Just dropping off, feel free to continue
Mon Oct 15, 2018 21:42

The blonde at the table didn’t often pay attention to her surroundings. She knew this about herself, so it took quite a long time for her to realize something was wrong. Actually, it took until a young man started shrieking bloody murder in the middle of the train before the adult noticed anything different about her current situation.

Things for her felt relatively normal, physically. Based on the screaming boy, who seemed to not have a leg, she felt like she had to check this just to be sure. She started at the top of her head, running her fingers (all ten, woo!) through blonde strands. Both ears were there, which was why she could hear all the commotion so quickly, and so were her eyes. She wished she knew what color they were, because they felt huge and she could bet that they were gorgeous. Maybe even otherworldly. If she were a model, her eyes would totally be her asset.

Speaking of assets, her butt was there, as was the rest of her body. Perfect. Healthy and whole, as far as she could tell. Unless there was crazy internal bleeding or a clot or any other of her insidey parts going wrong.

There were lots of papers in front of her. All of the handwriting was different, which meant either they belonged to other people or she could forge all different kinds of styles! For some reason, both felt like they could be true. She filed that information away for later. Well, honestly, all of the information was being filed away because it was all she had. She didn’t know who she was or why she was on this train, but she had inklings of who she was as a person. What she was capable of. It was a very interesting sensation.

Her fascination over this phenomenon was cut short by the cries of a toddler nearby. The little one was shrieking and holding on very tightly to the adult’s sunflower yellow dress with the tiniest fists she’d ever seen. Why were they attached to her dress? The tiny human didn’t have much to say behind her confused sobs, but she was definitely saying “mama” over and over. Well, who on Earth was that?

She picked up the child, not caring for all of that one bit. There was too much going on and she’d like to explore this train. Spotting two people who looked capable of sorting this out, she crossed the room and plopped the blonde haired, blue eyed child down in front of them. The toddler continued to scream and cry but grabbed at a ravioli with her chubby fingers, so that meant she would be fine.

Cool. She was gonna explore this train. Without saying anything, the blonde walked right out the door and into the hallway. Later, when she remembered who she was, she’d feel bad about this, but for now, she’d already forgotten.

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    • Just dropping off, feel free to continue - Cindra and Rhubarb (Ruby) Embers, Mon Oct 15 21:42
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