Myfanwy Owen
We're all playing a part
Sun Oct 21, 2018 14:44

Seventh year was just exhausting. With exams and university looming, and so much coursework, and her part-time job on Pearl Street, and AgriClub, and occasional Head Girl duties, Myfanwy was so glad she had decided not to sign up for Quidditch after all. It would be fun learning to play a little better and spending more time with Leo while they were still at school together, but she had decided that it would be better for the House overall to train players that would be on the team for more than just one year, so she hadn’t signed up. Nor had she elected to take part in the musical production, because Myffi wasn’t especially musically inclined, and she didn’t have much experience doing any of the other theatre-y type things, either, like the costumes or the set or anything, so at least she had escaped further constraints on her time.

It felt like she somehow managed to fly through the week and on the weekend evenings she found a secluded space to chill out with Leo, Nolan and Kaye (or sometimes just Leo) and that was fun, and maybe sometimes Kit came to sleepover (but that was happening less now the younger student got along better with her roomate), and sometimes Myffi managed to spend time with Bryn or Russell or Marley outside of classes and suddenly it was almost the end of January and it felt like she’d only been back from California for five minutes! Even now as she tried to eat pumpkin soup in the Diner, Myffi was reading over her new contract for the organic food store that employed her, which had been taken over by another manager who revised the contract terms, which seemed ridiculous because Myffi was only going to be there for another few months, anyway. She held a seeded roll over her dish, orange soup dripping from the bread as she read the lines.

Then a person, a girl, was standing nearby, asking if she wanted to read lines. “Oh, I don’t think I have any -” the Welsh girl started speaking, realising that she definitely sounded Welsh, and the girl who had spoken first definitely sounded not Welsh. Not actually Welsh, though, just English with a Welsh accept, although - Alla i siarad Cymraeg? - yes, she could speak Welsh, if she wanted to. And okay, why didn’t she know these things about herself? That wasn’t normal.

She looked at the girl in the leather jacket with the lines - presumably, as she was asking to read lines - and then looked at the pages she was holding herself. They weren’t lines, it was some sort of boring-looking printed form or other and definitely not lines. She put them down next to her, and caught a glimpse of the pink and yellow tie-dyed dress she was wearing that was almost too bright to comfortably view. “I don’t have any lines,” she reiterated, feeling that statement held more weight than she was letting on. “But I can read through yours with you, if you like?” Why not? She had no idea if there was something else she was supposed to be doing.

  • Glancing down, the girl saw that the reason why her hand felt hot was because it was wrapped around a mug of steaming cocoa. Also her skin was pretty dark, like the cocoa, or at least like the part... more
    • We're all playing a part - Myfanwy Owen, Sun Oct 21 14:44
      • Not very efficiently, it seems - Marley, Tue Nov 6 16:26
        The older other girl (she had a vague feeling that the other girl might be older, but no proof that she actually was older than her, because both of them were tall-ish, and height could sometimes be... more
        • I don't think we can be blamed - Myfanwy, Sat Nov 10 15:22
          The other girl in the leather jacket started to look through for a scene to practise, while she, the girl in the pink and yellow dress, tried to figure out what was happening here. She was obviously... more
          • I'll trust you on that - Marley, Mon Nov 12 21:45
            To her great disappointment, nothing the other girl said gave her even the tiniest hint about what her non-acting role in their theatre train troupe (that was a fun alliteration) was supposed to be.... more
            • I wouldn't trust me right now - Myffi, Thu Nov 22 09:22
              The other girl was super sweet when she admitted to not knowing what was going on right now. A lot of people maybe could have been put off by the idea of talking to someone who was suffering from... more
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