Going off rails
Tue Oct 23, 2018 09:54

So the cult boyís head didnít hurt meaning he hadnít hit it. The kid did say his arm felt strange as he waved it around oddly. Maybe that was a signal to the cult that their kidnapping was going okay with him. Cult boy was also still eating - pizza. Why could he remember what pizza was but not his own pineappling name? Whatever was going on was starting to annoy.....damn it what was his name? He sighed in frustration. He hated what was going on and cult boy was talking about not remembering much.

Thatís exactly what someone trying to cover up remembering would say! The kid asked if hitting heads made you forget things and he nodded in answer not trusting the kid across from him one bit. Why would someone target children? They werenít adults, right? They for sure werenít babies at least he hoped they werenít.

After a few moments, the kid stated he didnít know who he was and asked if he knew who he was. ďI donít know you kid.Ē He said after a few moments of silence. ďAnd Iíll tell you what kid I donít know who I am. I donít know why we are on a giant train and I for sure as hell donít know where we are going but Iím determined to find out.Ē

He glanced around and said. ďWhat do you remember?Ē He didnít want to tell the kid that really the only thing he knew was the name of objects like glass, pizza, or pot pie. If the kid said he knew more then that then the kid was working with whoever did this! He hated not knowing what was going and more he hated not being in control.

  • Train of thought - Jesse, Mon Oct 15 13:46
    ďMy head doesnít hurt,Ē he answered the other boy, around a mouthful of pizza, that was quite tasty even with its lack of meat. After a quick assessment of the rest of his body, he answered, ďMy arm... more
    • Going off rails - DJ, Tue Oct 23 09:54
      • Does a stationary train have rails? - Jesse, Thu Nov 22 11:48
        The other boy claimed not to know him, which was fine - unsurprising, even, as the sensation was reciprocal: neither of them knew the other. In fact it very soon transpired that neither of the boys... more
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