DJ Finn
I've been here for a while.
Tue Oct 23, 2018 10:55

DJ hadn’t made close friends yet here but he could see Remington being one eventually and the first year Elliot was a fun kid who reminded him of Zach so he didn’t mind talking to him a bit when they ran into each other. Tycho and he had spoken a few times but that was more because Uncle Riley had insisted that DJ reach out to the younger kid.

This meant that a lot of his meal times sitting alone reading. This didn’t bug the Draco at all he liked quiet most of the time. When he had been invited to sit with people or people sat with him he would spend that meal with them but he never made it scheduled thing yet. He figured this term would be him learning the ropes and making connections and then this summer he could invite a few people out to Hawaii or maybe ask Uncle Riley to allow him to use his mansion for a party. Uncle Riley had allowed it a few time already so he couldn’t see why this summer would be different.

Today DJ sat in the Finer Diner reading a muggle magazine Dad had sent that had a huge picture of Uncle Riley on the cover with huge yellow writing that said. “Riley Finn on being Gay and Married in Hollywood!” Dad always sent him the magazines with Uncle Riley in it because he always found them hilarious. DJ had to admit the magazine Rileys were always more extra than normal Uncle Riley was but he guessed that was just a way to protect himself.

The Draco was just starting the article when a kid sat down across from him. DJ had seen him a few times but wasn’t sure the kid’s name or what house he was in. The kid seemed normal enough with the question how’s dinner. DJ smiled closed the magazine and shrugged. “Kinda bland if you ask me but it’s passable not going to kill ya or anything.” DJ was used to the heavily spiced food from Barbados his mom made plain roasted vegetables and chicken were lame and for boring people. Nana Rose made it and she was the plainest person DJ could think of.

“I’m DJ Finn by the way. I just transferred in not too long ago,” he stated. He had taken to just introducing himself when he interacted with everyone here. Most of the fourth and fifth years knew him by name but they forgot to introduce themselves sometimes and he had found the smoothest way to deal with this was just to introduce himself.

  • I know you're there - Dade (Dakota) Farnon, Wed Oct 10 15:00
    It wasn’t that Dade believed Drew when he said that Claudia wasn’t going to try to attack anyone, but he did believe that Claudia had said that to Drew. It wasn’t as good as her actually going away... more
    • I've been here for a while. - DJ Finn, Tue Oct 23 10:55
      • So you claim - Dakota, Mon Nov 12 20:51
        The other person at the table was someone Dakota hadn’t met before, but she had seen him around, so she figured the kid in front of her was a transfer. Dade’s older sister had a problem with... more
        • Is that sarcasm? - DJ, Tue Nov 13 13:13
          DJ set the magazine down it would be rude to read it now especially since he was new to the school and let’s admit this he needed friends here at RMI. He wouldn’t forget his friends at his old school ... more
          • Paranoia is more my jam - Dakota, Sat Nov 17 11:09
            “Oh uh,” now Dade felt awkward. He hadn’t seen very many Muggle movies, outside of what Professor Blair sometimes showed in Cultural Studies and whatever abomination Kit managed to sit them all down... more
            • Dakota took a while to answer his question about liking Uncle Riley’s movies. When he responded with not liking movies DJ nodded. In his mind, he labeled Dakota as wizard born and now knew not to ask ... more
              • It's a complex flavor - Dakota, Sat Dec 8 09:47
                When DJ initially suggested that Dade go to the nurse or the counselor, his temper flared. Of course he didn’t want to go to the nurse or the counselor. How would that help with Claudia following him ... more
                • Sounds like it would be - DJ, Sat Dec 8 21:27
                  DJ frowned when Dakota stated that the girl who was following him was in his house. That kind of sucked. Didn’t the professors step in? At Wallowa that shit would’ve been shut down immediately.... more
                  • A sound observation - Dakota, Sat Dec 8 22:10
                    It appeared that DJ’s uncles had gone to RMI, and DJ sure was okay about talking about his uncles being - well, being his uncles. It was one thing when Drew talked about his dad and Professor... more
                    • Observations are the best - DJ, Sun Dec 9 10:31
                      Dakota was blushing when he stated that his ex-best-friend was in Draco. DJ wondered why. He wasn't going to ask after all it was rude. Perhaps the friend had helped the person stalking them. Dakota... more
                      • No, you're the best - Dakota, Mon Dec 10 11:05
                        Dakota wanted to run away very fast but not in the usual way she wanted to run away very fast, so she supposed that was probably an improvement. If only Claudia wasn’t there. Why was Claudia there?... more
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