Impossible to be sure
Fri Nov 2, 2018 17:19

The other person at the table was a girl, who seemed younger than…. than, herself (whoever she was). She looked adorable in her yellow spotted dress, reminiscent of the daughter character in a horror film that she couldn’t even remember watching. The younger girl spoke with an American accent as she claimed she didn’t know what was going on, either, but she did pass over a note to read. It was a suspiciously reassuring note for her to have in her possession when she, the older girl, had nothing. No note, no book, no knowledge of who or where she was. Still, she didn’t want to upset the poor girl - especially if she was going to turn out to be a zombie or possessed or something - so she passed the note back. “Okay, Madeleine. Seems like everything is okay.” She smiled, hoping it might help to reassure her younger companion. She didn’t give a damn about the book, but she did care who had written that note. Could they be trusted? Why would someone know what was going on but not tell the people affected? Why did Madeleine have a note, but not herself?

Madeleine made a good point: perhaps there was another note, contained in the bag on the seat beside her. Hopeful to discover something to explain this very weird scenario, the older girl lifted the front panel of the scuffed, black satchel, and peered inside to discover a furry little face with a twitching pink nose and bright eyes looking up at her. She dropped the flap and moved away from the bag so quickly her chair scraped on the floor with a teeth-grating screech. At least she didn’t screech herself - there was no actual cause for alarm, the creature hadn’t tried to bite or scratch her or even moved, really, but it had surprised the hell out of her - but moving her chair away was enough of a reaction to make look like a real scaredy cat. That wasn’t really how she wanted Madeleine to think of her. Best to explain. “Holy shit,” she whispered very loudly to the younger girl, forgetting for a moment she was trying to be a calming, reassuring presence. “There is an animal in that bag!”

Probably because it had been disturbed, the animal in question slipped its furry little nose out of the bag, and soon the rest of the creature followed: a flat head full of sharp teeth, four small paws with teeny claws, a long body and tail, all covered in soft-looking brown fur, with white rings on its face. It was sort of cute. The ferret clambered onto the table like it owned the place, came right over to her plate and tugged a potato skin onto the table top. She watched as the creature tucked into her food like everything was just normal. “Yeah, okay, so there’s a ferret now,” she said, and if she sounded a little freaked out she thought that was perfectly fair.

  • Do I know you? - Madeleine Tennant, Mon Oct 29 22:21
    Dear Madeleine, Everything is okay! Enjoy your book. She stared at the note for a bit. It had been tucked into the inside cover of the book resting in her lap, which was currently the skirt of a... more
    • Impossible to be sure - Georgina, Fri Nov 2 17:19
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