Are you sure you want to be reading at a time like this?
Sat Nov 3, 2018 13:57

"I don’t know what we were studying, though."

The boy chewed on his lip for a moment and let his eyebrows twitch once more before leaning back in his seat and shaking his hand through his shaggy hair. “Well I don’t know either, obviously,” he admitted, his palms up and arms out in a “what can you do?” sort of gesture. “So whatever we guess has exactly the same chance of being right as anything else, right?” He leaned forward again with his elbows on the table and rested his chin on folded hands.

“I don’t know about you,” he went on, “but I haven’t got the tiniest inkling of a way to get us out of this, which means the only thing I can do about it right now is panic. Which does not sound helpful and would probably even be disruptive. And if there’s nothing positive I can do about it, then worrying about it doesn’t do anyone any good, right?” Another eyebrow quirk. “And even if we don’t get our memories back, just existing in the world will eventually give us something concrete to go off of, in a learn as you go kind of way, right?

“But right now, just for this moment, we don’t know anything, so all we can do is guess. And if one guess is as good as any other, we might as well pick whatever we want, right? So,” at this he slowed down just a little for dramatic effect and leaned in as close as he could to the girl from where he was sitting, keeping his eyes locked on hers. “What do you want to be studying?”

  • But I just read that! - Remington, Fri Oct 12 16:49
    Okay, was this a weird crazy school with people who had no idea how to sort their priorities? Here they were, on a train of all things, with no memory. Based on the chaos around them, they weren’t... more
    • Are you sure you want to be reading at a time like this? - Hunter, Sat Nov 3 13:57
      • I always want to be reading. - Remington, Sun Nov 4 20:58
        Naturally, the boy didn’t know what they were studying, either. She glanced at the textbooks. There was one about Defense Against the Dark Arts. That might have something helpful inside. She got the... more
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