Not very efficiently, it seems
Tue Nov 6, 2018 16:26

The older other girl (she had a vague feeling that the other girl might be older, but no proof that she actually was older than her, because both of them were tall-ish, and height could sometimes be used to help determine age but it didn’t seem like it’d be at all helpful when they were already close in height, so it was probably best to stick with even vaguer words like ‘other’ instead of a vague assumption) (also wow did she normally think in such long winding chunks?) (was ‘chunk’ the right word for something long?) claimed to not have any lines, which she was initially disappointed by; being stuck in the deep end of her character, it would have been reassuring to have another actor to rehearse with and take advantage of the result of what must’ve been really difficult character work. Not to mention that no matter how nice the other girl looked, it would be way less embarrassing to confide her current situation to another actor, who probably had some knowledge of this kind of thing, even if they hadn’t been (un)lucky enough to experience it themself.

On second thought, though, or more accurately on second look, it started to make sense that the other girl wasn’t in the play (or film, possibly, though she couldn’t see any camera equipment, and it wouldn’t entirely make sense for an entire cast and crew to be travelling city to city by train performing… although maybe they had been filming previously and were now just going to their next film destination and all the equipment was stored in another car where it wouldn’t accidentally get food on it) because she was wearing a totally different style of clothing. It totally clashed with the #aesthetic of her own dark, leather-oriented outfit. And sure, it could’ve been a ‘Grease’ style play (or film) with two very distinct character group #aesthetics, but the randomness of everyone in this dining car didn’t fit with that. That plus the girl’s claim to have no lines implied that she either worked backstage (in which case, hopefully her bright dress was just a casual dressing choice, because everyone knew that black was key backstage) or as like, some kind of greeter or seater or food-seller or cleaner, something like those other roles. Oooh or maybe she was a musician. (Obviously, both plays and movies needed background music!)

“Alrighty,” she agreed, “I’ll find a scene for us,” and she began flipping through her pages to find a two-person scene. Maybe she was just flipping too quickly and had missed something (she had to be quick, she didn’t want to look like she didn’t actually know what she was doing) but soon she realized that there really weren’t many scenes suitable for two people to rehearse together. Most of them needed at least three people, and apparently El Gallo spent a lot of those narrating while the other two did stuff… Oh wait, sometimes El Gallo was alone with one of the female characters, either doing kidnapping stuff or doing seductive stuff. She had a feeling that either could seem a weird scene to suggest, but she had a stronger feeling that it wasn’t weird to her and wouldn’t be to the other girl, either. But in both cases there was singing and dancing involved, and she had no gut feelings at all if the other girl was a musician type but surely she was supposed to know (she was just too in-character and couldn’t remember right now) so it would be rude to ask her to join in on those if she wasn’t because she was expected to know (it wasn’t her fault she was stuck in El Gallo’s head, mkay, she was just trying to do the best of the role she could) so she tried the sneaky-ish route of questioning the other girl. “Sorry, I think my finger slipped the right page… I’m not holding you up from your other work, am I? Do you have anything to rush to after meal-break ends?” Hopefully that was enough to get a hint of what the other girl’s role here was!

  • We're all playing a part - Myfanwy Owen, Sun Oct 21 14:44
    Seventh year was just exhausting. With exams and university looming, and so much coursework, and her part-time job on Pearl Street, and AgriClub, and occasional Head Girl duties, Myfanwy was so glad... more
    • Not very efficiently, it seems - Marley, Tue Nov 6 16:26
      • I don't think we can be blamed - Myfanwy, Sat Nov 10 15:22
        The other girl in the leather jacket started to look through for a scene to practise, while she, the girl in the pink and yellow dress, tried to figure out what was happening here. She was obviously... more
        • I'll trust you on that - Marley, Mon Nov 12 21:45
          To her great disappointment, nothing the other girl said gave her even the tiniest hint about what her non-acting role in their theatre train troupe (that was a fun alliteration) was supposed to be.... more
          • I wouldn't trust me right now - Myffi, Thu Nov 22 09:22
            The other girl was super sweet when she admitted to not knowing what was going on right now. A lot of people maybe could have been put off by the idea of talking to someone who was suffering from... more
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