Magdalena Adler
The second mouse gets the cheese
Sat Nov 10, 2018 13:30

She was frightened.

Disorientated, and standing alone in a sea of people, the feeling of dread building up in her chest was the only thing she could make sense of- so she clung to it.

She shut her eyes tight and reopened them to find everything was the same and uncomfortably unfamiliar, and when she searched her mind, not even her own name sprang to forth. Distraught, she ran a hand through her hair and found it thick and curly. She needed to stay composed, to close her mind to the screams, and cries of the children. She tried to slow her breathing, and glanced around her surroundings; to her right sat an empty chair, and a bowl of pasta which had been picked at without much enthusiasm. She ran her tongue over her teeth and caught a faint taste of tomato.

Had she been sitting there a moment ago?

A small leather bound book sat closed on the table, and after a moment's hesitation, she grabbed it. Clutching it close to her chest, she moved slowly down the room. She did not know where she was nor did she know where she was going. All she knew was that she had to get away, she had to think, she had to figure out what was wrong with her. But something soon stopped her in her tracks. An image of a young man, skimpily dressed, was being projected at another table. Her eyes grew wide, and for a moment she forgot her current dilemma, distracted by the display, her mouth slipped open in silent surprise. He was a very attractive boy, and as much as she knew she ought to, she could not bring herself to look away.

“What the everloving pineapple is this?”

She jumped, startled by the sudden exclamation, and dropped the book at her feet. Embarrassed to have been caught snooping, she ducked down to retrieve it, taking a moment to compose herself. The book had tumbled open onto a page, empty except for a name, Magdalena Ramsey, dotted across the lined paper in a range of scripts. Magdalena Ramsey, that must be her, but she was disappointed to find the revelation did nothing to lift the murky veil which hung over her memory. She mouthed the name to herself but found it no more familiar on her lips than on the page.

Snapping the book shut, Magdalena rose to her feet, a flush of shame still lingering on her cheeks, and glanced gingerly, at the foul mouthed recipient of the indecent message. “Was that...not your boyfriend?” she asked timidly, surprised to find she was not American but did seem to have a good grasp of English. Nervously, she thumbed the edges of the little book. If it wasn’t the girl’s boyfriend then, was she being harassed by some, wildly attractive man? Magdalena, wasn’t sure of anything anymore, but her gut told her it was not the norm for people to receive something like that in public.

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    • The second mouse gets the cheese - Magdalena Adler, Sat Nov 10 13:30
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