I don't think we can be blamed
Sat Nov 10, 2018 15:22

The other girl in the leather jacket started to look through for a scene to practise, while she, the girl in the pink and yellow dress, tried to figure out what was happening here. She was obviously from Wales, and the other girl obviously was not, and there were other people around them, and like, windows that looked like they were moving while the room was still, so there was totally some magic going on. Although there was also shouting and general confusion going on, so maybe a spell or something had gone wrong? That would probably make sense, or at least she thought so, because aside from knowing that magic was real and recognising her own accent, she really wasn’t sure about a whole lot else.

Even if she was right, and it was a spell, she didn’t know who all these other people were. Some of them were wearing robes, which suggested witches and wizards, but then lots of people were just wearing their own outfits. These other people could be Muggles, and they weren’t supposed to know about magic (she couldn’t remember why, but that felt as natural as animals not being able to talk, or gravity stopping them all from floating around in the air), so she couldn’t just tell this girl she’d maybe been hit by a memory charm that had gone awry, because what if the leather jacket girl was a Muggle? What is everyone here was a Muggle? What if she was a Muggle herself who just knew about magic, and wasn’t supposed to, and somehow someone had found out? This was exhausting. In need of more sustenance than soup could offer, the girl wearing spectacles and a tie-dyed dress reached for some white fish, and green beans, and potatoes in a parsley butter and started eating them. It all tasted good, but strange, but not in an unpleasant way, just in an unfamiliar way. She couldn’t figure out why fish and potatoes would taste unfamiliar, unless maybe there was a potion on them? The girl thought about stopping eating, but honestly this whole situation was completely out of her control. She didn’t seem to be in any immediate danger so for the time being she elected to pretend like everything was normal.

Meanwhile her companion seemed to be having trouble with her script. “I’m not holding you up from your other work, am I? Do you have anything to rush to after meal-break ends?”

The Welsh girl wished she knew. She kind of felt disappointed that she hadn’t been able to run lines until her memory came back, or else she figured out who she could talk to, to get this mess sorted out, and she hadn’t a clue if she was supposed to be doing anything. She had been reading over some paperwork, but it looked both boring and official, which meant it was probably just not a sensible sort of thing to be dealing with when she knew nothing about herself. She wisely slipped the document into the canvas bag beside her, that she assumed must belong to her because nobody else had been nearby, that she could recall.

“I have no idea,” she said honestly. “I seem to be having a forgetful moment,” the girl smiled, although she felt more like having a bit of a panic, truth be told. “Can’t really remember what my plans are, if I have any.” She decided not to add that she couldn’t remember her own name, or where she was, or if he even knew the person talking to her, because what if the leather wearing girl had cast the spell in the first place? Honestly this was all just a bit messed up.

  • Not very efficiently, it seems - Marley, Tue Nov 6 16:26
    The older other girl (she had a vague feeling that the other girl might be older, but no proof that she actually was older than her, because both of them were tall-ish, and height could sometimes be... more
    • I don't think we can be blamed - Myfanwy, Sat Nov 10 15:22
      • I'll trust you on that - Marley, Mon Nov 12 21:45
        To her great disappointment, nothing the other girl said gave her even the tiniest hint about what her non-acting role in their theatre train troupe (that was a fun alliteration) was supposed to be.... more
        • I wouldn't trust me right now - Myffi, Thu Nov 22 09:22
          The other girl was super sweet when she admitted to not knowing what was going on right now. A lot of people maybe could have been put off by the idea of talking to someone who was suffering from... more
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