I'll trust you on that
Mon Nov 12, 2018 21:45

To her great disappointment, nothing the other girl said gave her even the tiniest hint about what her non-acting role in their theatre train troupe (that was a fun alliteration) was supposed to be. So much for her clever, casual line of questioning. It was disappointing enough that she felt her shoulders slump forwards, and that in turn was surprising, until she remembered that she was a super talented actor so obviously the shoulder-slump was a bit of added dramatic flair, or technically the opposite of flair since flair usually meant grand flamboyant gestures whereas slumping was, like, one of the loner-est movements possible. It was still dramatic in her case, though, because she didn’t feel at all like she was a loner, which meant she was acting, and acting in all forms both flamboyant and not was inherently part of ~drama~. The theatre type of drama, not the “when your friend has a crush on a bad person that you used to have a crush on too but you can’t tell her off for it because then she’ll just think you’re jealous when really you just wanna protect her” type of drama. (....Well that was specific. Huh.)

Whether acted or not, these emotions were very quickly followed by concern-slash-confusion, because even though the other girl hadn’t said anything helpful for figuring out what she was doing here, she had said that she had no idea what she was doing here, which was almost an answer in itself except for the part where it was such a non-answer it was practically an anti-answer. “Gosh, really? Sorry to hear it,” she said with sincerity. “Did you hit your head? I know that can mess with your brain, especially if you’re concussed, buuut-” she leaned closer to stare into the other girl’s face “-your eyes look normal so that’s not it.” Wait how did she know that? “I have medical training.” ...And wait how did she know that? And why did she announce it? One thing she knew for sure right now was that El Gallo didn’t have medical training. Oooh maybe this meant she was starting to work out of her character hole!

The thought didn’t cross her mind for more than two seconds that maybe the other girl was experiencing the same thing she was. Obviously she couldn’t be, since she didn’t have lines, and wasn’t an actor, and she supposed it was slightly possible that the other girl had like some kind of background role that didn’t require lines, but only a really talented actor could work on character development so much to get lost inside their own head so that option was totally ruled out anyways. But regardless of whatever exactly the other girl was going through, thinking about it seemed to be helping trick herself into remembering that she wasn’t actually El Gallo, so she was gonna take what she could get out of that. “But not like a ton of medical training,” she continued on, “so maybe while we still got some time we should go to the... nurse,” again she couldn’t say how she knew there was a nurse on the training except it made sense because how else would she have medical training and also it couldn’t be safe to load a bunch of kids on a train cross-country without an actual medical expert on board too. “Are you feeling sick at all?”

  • I don't think we can be blamed - Myfanwy, Sat Nov 10 15:22
    The other girl in the leather jacket started to look through for a scene to practise, while she, the girl in the pink and yellow dress, tried to figure out what was happening here. She was obviously... more
    • I'll trust you on that - Marley, Mon Nov 12 21:45
      • I wouldn't trust me right now - Myffi, Thu Nov 22 09:22
        The other girl was super sweet when she admitted to not knowing what was going on right now. A lot of people maybe could have been put off by the idea of talking to someone who was suffering from... more
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