Paranoia is more my jam
Sat Nov 17, 2018 11:09

“Oh uh,” now Dade felt awkward. He hadn’t seen very many Muggle movies, outside of what Professor Blair sometimes showed in Cultural Studies and whatever abomination Kit managed to sit them all down to watch. If Drew hadn’t gone along with her hijinks, Dade was fairly sure that she would never have seen a movie outside of class at all, but Drew was inclined to save his moments of refusal and/or intervention for the times when Kit got really crazy. So pretty much once a week. Dakota could never understand how someone as quiet and nice and kind as Drew could be friends with someone like Kit. Technically they were cousins and not friends, but Dade had plenty of cousins that he didn’t talk to and wasn’t friends with. If he had a cousin like Kit, he probably would have put her in a box and drowned her a long time ago, but as far as Dakota was aware she didn’t have a cousin like that, so they were safe - although he wasn’t sure that there was anyone else like Kit on the entire planet, which was probably for the best.

“No, I’m not a big fan of movies,” was what Dade settled on after a too-long pause. He wondered what kind of movies DJ’s gay uncle was in. It wasn’t like Dade had too much experience with Muggle movies, but he didn’t really know of any gay actors. Did he just have to play gay characters all the time? That didn’t make sense, because gay people were really rare so movies about them had to be too, but it looked like DJ’s uncle was doing fairly well for himself, as indicated by his presence on the cover of a magazine. “I suppose he’s rather famous though, to be on a magazine,” he managed encouragingly.

For arguably the first time ever, Dade was trying to make a friend. DJ had a gay uncle and was willing to read a magazine about that in the Finer Diner, where everyone could see. And he was new, which meant that he was less likely to have been swayed to Claudia’s evil schemes, unlike Remington and pretty much everyone else in the school except Drew (who was too nice) and Kit (who was too stupid). Dade even suspected Anssi sometimes, but so far the little Swede hadn’t given any indication that Claudia had swayed him too. It might just be a matter of time, though, so Dade knew to keep an eye out. If Claudia could make even Remington betray Dade, it was clear that Claudia had powers beyond his initial expectations. She was too dangerous and something had to be done about her. Specifically what, he wasn’t sure about. But something.

Dade had gone quiet for a moment as he contemplated the Claudia situation, but he recovered and helped himself to some food other than a roll. DJ hadn’t gotten sick yet, that he could see, so it was probably safe to eat more food. Dade was about to eat her first forkful of chicken when out of the corner of her eye she saw Claudia and jumped about a kilometer out of her seat. The chicken, fortunately, did not come off the fork but Dakota put it down anyway. She was shaking a little bit and she didn’t know how noticable it was, but she tried to stay cool. She wanted to be friends with DJ and she wasn’t sure if he would take her side yet if she told him about Claudia’s plan to attack her.

“Sorry,” Dakota said instead, trying to play it cool. “That girl just hates me.” She gestured over her shoulder at where she thought she’d seen Claudia sit down, unaware that DJ would only see an empty table if he decided to look in that direction.

  • Is that sarcasm? - DJ, Tue Nov 13 13:13
    DJ set the magazine down it would be rude to read it now especially since he was new to the school and let’s admit this he needed friends here at RMI. He wouldn’t forget his friends at his old school ... more
    • Paranoia is more my jam - Dakota, Sat Nov 17 11:09
      • Dakota took a while to answer his question about liking Uncle Riley’s movies. When he responded with not liking movies DJ nodded. In his mind, he labeled Dakota as wizard born and now knew not to ask ... more
        • It's a complex flavor - Dakota, Sat Dec 8 09:47
          When DJ initially suggested that Dade go to the nurse or the counselor, his temper flared. Of course he didn’t want to go to the nurse or the counselor. How would that help with Claudia following him ... more
          • Sounds like it would be - DJ, Sat Dec 8 21:27
            DJ frowned when Dakota stated that the girl who was following him was in his house. That kind of sucked. Didn’t the professors step in? At Wallowa that shit would’ve been shut down immediately.... more
            • A sound observation - Dakota, Sat Dec 8 22:10
              It appeared that DJ’s uncles had gone to RMI, and DJ sure was okay about talking about his uncles being - well, being his uncles. It was one thing when Drew talked about his dad and Professor... more
              • Observations are the best - DJ, Sun Dec 9 10:31
                Dakota was blushing when he stated that his ex-best-friend was in Draco. DJ wondered why. He wasn't going to ask after all it was rude. Perhaps the friend had helped the person stalking them. Dakota... more
                • No, you're the best - Dakota, Mon Dec 10 11:05
                  Dakota wanted to run away very fast but not in the usual way she wanted to run away very fast, so she supposed that was probably an improvement. If only Claudia wasn’t there. Why was Claudia there?... more
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