Cheese!! Mice!!
Tue Nov 20, 2018 19:57

It was in that moment that she realized she caught the attention of another girl on the train. She got the feeling that she was meant to feel jealous. The other girl was clearly looking at the moving picture of the boy in front of her. If this was meant for her eyes only, she probably didnít want other girls looking at him. Then again, he was very, very pretty and a small part of her wanted to brag about that, maybe show him off a little. It was weird to have all these instincts but no memories to back them up.

She tried to place the girl who asked if the dude was her boyfriend. Their clothing styles were entirely different. She looked down at her own feet, where she saw knee high boots with nearly stiletto heels. Her fishnets had some wear and tear. The black jean shorts she wore also had their own little frays and tears, and her top was surprisingly tight around her own tiny torso. It seemed black but every so often when she moved, she could see a slight violet sheen. The fabric was fascinating. She couldnít see her hair since there wasnít a mirror, but she could see out of the corner of her eye that she had black hair with red streaks in it. It didnít feel like it was really on her head, though, and that wasnít something she really wanted to explore at the moment.

The girl in front of her definitely didnít look like they frequented the same crowds. Had she been standing nearby or were they the type of friends that bridge the cliquey divide? Seemed unlikely.

ďI dunno. No clue who he is, no clue who I am.Ē She put the picture back in the envelope. ďItís addressed to Kaye and it was delivered to me, so I guess I must be Kaye. Any clue who you are or am I alone in this mind wipe?Ē

  • The second mouse gets the cheese - Magdalena Adler, Sat Nov 10 13:30
    She was frightened. Disorientated, and standing alone in a sea of people, the feeling of dread building up in her chest was the only thing she could make sense of- so she clung to it. She shut her... more
    • Cheese!! Mice!! - Kaye, Tue Nov 20 19:57
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