Does a stationary train have rails?
Thu Nov 22, 2018 11:48

The other boy claimed not to know him, which was fine - unsurprising, even, as the sensation was reciprocal: neither of them knew the other. In fact it very soon transpired that neither of the boys knew himself, either. They were both without name or identity, it seemed. The younger (presumably) boy was not sure whether he was more comforted by the fact that both of them were in the same boat - or train, technically speaking (though maybe not literally? It was a very strange and large looking train, and Jesse didn’t feel like it was moving), and how peculiar was it that one mode of transport was preferred for that metaphor over another? - of ignorance, sailing the sea of the unknown, or whether the situation of them both being (hopefully) temporarily amnesic caused him greater disquiet than if it had been limited to his singular person.

The other boy was determined to find out, or so he declared, what was happening. “How?” he asked bluntly. It was a fair question. If neither of them knew who they were, it seemed reasonable to extrapolate that others in the train didn’t know who they were, either. In fact it would perhaps explain the screeching that was occurring nearby if more dramatic others present had discovered they were not currently in full possession of their faculties.

“What do you remember?” The other boy asked. He at least didn’t refer to the younger boy as ‘kid’ in this instance, although it had happened plenty of times previously. Although he was relatively certain by now he was the younger of the two - and most of that was assumption inspired by the other boy calling him ‘kid’ repeatedly - he still did not enjoy the diminutive name. There could not be more than a few short years between them, he was sure, and so if he was a kid, the other boy was, too. It felt patronizing. Regardless, if the older boy wanted to take charge, then the younger boy was content to let him. He felt no confidence whatsoever in his own abilities to rectify this situation.

“Not much,” he admitted. “I remember what things are called, like pizza and shoes,” he exampled the first two objects that came to mind. “I remember that America is the place I live, but nothing more specific - not whereabouts I live or who I live with or what I’m doing on a train or where I’m going.” He looked about at the other people, some of whom were behaving oddly, and suggested, “I think some of the other people here don’t know who they are, either. I don’t think all of us bumped our heads. There’s something else going on here.” He had no idea what that might be, and he was less determined to find out than he was hopeful it would stop.

  • Going off rails - DJ, Tue Oct 23 09:54
    So the cult boy’s head didn’t hurt meaning he hadn’t hit it. The kid did say his arm felt strange as he waved it around oddly. Maybe that was a signal to the cult that their kidnapping was going okay ... more
    • Does a stationary train have rails? - Jesse, Thu Nov 22 11:48
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