A sound observation
Sat Dec 8, 2018 22:10

It appeared that DJ’s uncles had gone to RMI, and DJ sure was okay about talking about his uncles being - well, being his uncles. It was one thing when Drew talked about his dad and Professor McKindy, because he didn’t call Professor McKindy ‘dad’ or anything like that, but it seemed like DJ didn’t have any sort of reservations about his uncles’ relationship. That made Dakota feel kind of warm inside, even though she knew that she wasn’t gay. Or well - no, she wasn’t gay. Because she wasn’t a boy. So it was fine that she liked boys. Well it might have been fine either way. Dakota didn’t know. That train of thought was confusing and she got off it as quickly as she had gotten on.

And DJ was so nice, maybe even as nice as Drew was. For a very weird split second, Dakota wondered what it would feel like if DJ gave her a hug. Then she realized that DJ had definitely just juxtaposed the idea of finding a room for her to sleep in, in the passageways, with the idea of his uncles doing the same thing when they were dating at the time, and did he - was that - her mind flitted to the idea of her and DJ hanging out alone in the passageways and -

Well, moving on from that -

“My ex-best-friend is in Draco,” Dade said, instead, focusing on her food and not noticing that she was blushing a little bit. Avoiding the idea of rooms and passageways altogether. “My sister was in Aquila, but she’s graduated and gone to Harvard now. And my brother is in Cetus too, but we don’t get on.” Now she was kind of babbling, which was entirely uncharacteristic and she wasn’t quite sure how to handle it, except by talking more. “He’s in love with the girl who’s following me,” she added. “And they’re why I can’t go back to Devon for holidays anymore, because with my father -” and that was complicated too. Why was everything suddenly so much?

In order to stop herself from saying more, Dade put some food in his mouth. It was a little too much food but he worked through it. Wow. He had no idea how to process the series of things that had just happened here in the Finer Diner and in his brain. If Claudia weren’t right there, Dade would probably have made some sort of excuse to dash off and hide in his dorm, but Claudia was right there and she had been following him, and she was probably waiting for an opportunity like that. Like the one he had accidentally given her last year. No, Dade couldn’t go off on his own again, it was too dangerous. On the other hand, staying here might be its own kind of dangerous.

  • Sounds like it would be - DJ, Sat Dec 8 21:27
    DJ frowned when Dakota stated that the girl who was following him was in his house. That kind of sucked. Didn’t the professors step in? At Wallowa that shit would’ve been shut down immediately.... more
    • A sound observation - Dakota, Sat Dec 8 22:10
      • Observations are the best - DJ, Sun Dec 9 10:31
        Dakota was blushing when he stated that his ex-best-friend was in Draco. DJ wondered why. He wasn't going to ask after all it was rude. Perhaps the friend had helped the person stalking them. Dakota... more
        • No, you're the best - Dakota, Mon Dec 10 11:05
          Dakota wanted to run away very fast but not in the usual way she wanted to run away very fast, so she supposed that was probably an improvement. If only Claudia wasn’t there. Why was Claudia there?... more
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