Observations are the best
Sun Dec 9, 2018 10:31

Dakota was blushing when he stated that his ex-best-friend was in Draco. DJ wondered why. He wasn't going to ask after all it was rude. Perhaps the friend had helped the person stalking them. Dakota spoke about how his sister had been in Aquila but was now in Harvard, and his brother was in Cetus. DJ frowned when he said that his brother had chosen the girl who was stalking him over his own brother. That wasn't right. Evie had asked him to stop hanging out with a girl who had bullied her once, and DJ had instantly dropped the girl. After all, he could always make a new friend he only had one sister.

DJ watched as Dakota stuffed his face with food. Did he do it, so he stopped talking? Was this one of the moments that word vomit happened? Evie got it sometimes when she was excited or anxious

"Oh Dakota, I'm sorry about your friends and your brother. It's not cool about him choosing her over you. I know we just met an all but you are more than welcome to come hang out at my house over the summer. My parents don't care they are usually at work, and we live right on the beach, so it's super sweet." DJ couldn't help but invite Dakota over. No one should have to worry about where they were going to stay. "My best friend of Wallowa stayed with us for a whole summer once," DJ said with a smile.

"Fair warning though I have a little sister who loves new people. She's a first year at Wallowa this term and always excited about everything." DJ didn't bring up the secret passageways again. After all, Dakota hadn't seemed to latch onto the idea, and he wasn't pushy. Maybe the passageways were too narrow for Dakota's peace of mind. After all, if someone was indeed following him, DJ wasn't sure if he'd want to be trapped in a place he could easily be lost in.

  • A sound observation - Dakota, Sat Dec 8 22:10
    It appeared that DJ’s uncles had gone to RMI, and DJ sure was okay about talking about his uncles being - well, being his uncles. It was one thing when Drew talked about his dad and Professor... more
    • Observations are the best - DJ, Sun Dec 9 10:31
      • No, you're the best - Dakota, Mon Dec 10 11:05
        Dakota wanted to run away very fast but not in the usual way she wanted to run away very fast, so she supposed that was probably an improvement. If only Claudia wasn’t there. Why was Claudia there?... more
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