Russell Drew
Forced Participation
Mon Dec 31, 2018 14:38

Russell had been perfectly content to just pick a table and have a plain, meatless dinner before retiring to his dorm for the night. This plan hadn't accounted for Myffi, though, who'd popped up at his shoulder while he was in the middle of debating between sitting alone (thus risking one of the way too excitable younger years deciding to claim the empty seat) or at a table already occupied (thus presenting an awkward situation of having to explain that he just wanted food and wasn't approaching them for any other reason).

Nope, Myffi was a force of her own, and his very mild attempt at turning down her encouragement to go scope out the event in full had resulted in her starting to almost lead him around the various activities - at least until another student caught her attention and she flitted off again. But this left the toes of his sandals pointed at the definitions wall. Feeling obliged to linger a minute longer for Myffi's sake, he pushed up his sunglasses, which had slid down a bit, and stared at the wall. The cards were in different handwriting, but for the most part still legible.

'Being soulmates means being best friends and also in love sometimes.' Fidgeting with the collar of his striped shirt, the dark button slipping between long fingers, Russell looked for a different card.

'My soulmate is -- why would you even write that? His face felt suddenly warm, probably blushing on behalf of the unfortunate person who'd just been announced as soulmate whether they wanted to or not, possibly blushing at seeing such confidence in the young block printed claim, although he wouldn't admit to that.

'A soulmate could be someone like you exactly, or exactly opposite and compliment you.' Russell winced and told himself it was because of the contextual redundancy. He then redacted this to say it was because of the spelling error - the writer had obviously meant complement - in addition to the redundant claim that anyone like or not like you could be your soulmate.

'Soulmates can understand each other perfectly without talking.' Well he was screwed, then.

'Soulmates aren't real.' A second author had scribbled on the corner of this paper 'Says you'. He wasn't quite sure that got the point across. Or what point the author was trying to make. Or what the point of all this even was, generally speaking.

Behind, someone asked him to move. Russell jumped a foot with surprise before actually moving. "Sorry. I wasn't going to write anything," he added, almost defensive, if it weren't for the fact that he had little to no concept of the word (as evidenced by his Animagus form, a unique species of armadillo which naturally froze in one place screeching and otherwise did nothing to protect itself when agitated). "It's all yours," he concluded, already starting to back away. Maybe he could get a quick meal now and make an escape before Myffi or another of his acquaintences tried pulling him back into this mushy nonsense.

  • Soulmate Supper: all invited - Myfanwy Owen, Sun Dec 9 14:54
    For the past couple of weeks, flyers written with vegetable inks on recycled parchment (that rendered their creator conspicuous) had appeared around the school: on notice boards in the commons and... more
    • Forced Participation - Russell Drew, Mon Dec 31 14:38
      • Here to enforce it - Leo Harris, Sat Jan 5 15:49
        Upon his initial meeting with Myfanwy Owen, Leo Harris, had pegged her down as an insufferable snowflake with too many opinions and far too much time on her hands. To say his opinion of Myffi had... more
        • Can't we skip this part? - Russell, Mon Jan 14 19:57
          “Wait uh that’s not what I-- what--” Stammering profusely, he did not try to stop flinching away from Leo, which was just as well because he sure didn’t succeed - not when the other boy straightened... more
          • I always follow through - Leo, Wed Jan 16 07:55
            One of two things was happening here: a) Russell was an idiot b) Russell thought Leo was an idiot Because thought Leo, as he read and reread Russell’s ‘deep’ words on soulmates, there was no way... more
            • I rarely do - Russell, Wed Jan 16 18:05
              Not done was apparently the answer, since Leo’s reaction was to tear down his card and threaten to punch him. He flinched away, a thousand percent expecting the other boy to throw the paper in his... more
              • Time to try it - Leo, Thu Jan 17 07:29
                For one heart pounding moment Leo thought Russell was going to cry. Leo was no stranger to confrontation, one might even suggest he sought it out, but tears were a territory less travelled. Leo had... more
    • Supper for one.... - Satveer Mittal, Wed Dec 26 14:09
      Satveer had stood expectantly outside the diner for what felt like a couple of hours, when realistically, it was only about 40 minutes. Satveer had arrived early, just incase his ‘soul mate’ did too, ... more
    • Here I am, I guess. - Raja Nazari-Richards, Thu Dec 20 15:38
      So just based on how bright and loud Myfanwy Owen was as a person, it probably would have taken an actual talent for obliviousness to miss one of her obnoxious “soulmate supper” flyers. But Raja... more
      • There you are! - Joseph Blair, Mon Dec 24 10:43
        "Bloody-o it ain't gon be flirting," Joey fired back, his ears going bright red at the suggestion. Not that his ears were totally visible - following Midterm he'd taken a poor crack at snipping the... more
        • And you're here, too! - Raja, Mon Dec 24 11:08
          Maybe it was because she was an adult and had spent far more time in the United States, but sometimes it still amazed Raja that Aunt Estelle could speak like a normal human being and Joey just...... more
          • All in this together - Joey, Sun Dec 30 13:51
            Contrary to Raja's interpretation, "dag" didn't mean experienced or old or whatever. A closer translation would've been nerdy. Or a nerd, specifically, cos it was a noun that you called people, but... more
            • WILDCATS - Raja, Mon Dec 31 13:12
              Raja really hoped that at no point in their future would Joey be responsible for conveying important information to him. Like, if a building were on fire and they needed to evacuate, hopefully... more
    • Just being a casual observer - Remington Burnham, Fri Dec 14 13:13
      A soulmates event seemed to be just mean. Remington knew that it wasn’t personal. Myffi hadn’t created the event specifically to target the Draco. They didn’t know each other well at all. Not only... more
      • Keepin' it casual - Connor Farnon, Mon Dec 17 09:57
        Of course, Connor didn’t believe in the functionality of soulmates. It was quite possible they existed, and the English boy would admit that, but he didn’t see on what grounds that meant anything.... more
        • Casual - something we're great at - Remington, Tue Dec 18 15:30
          Ah, she would have considered saying nothing at all if she’d actually looked at her companion. Connor Farnon wasn’t someone she ever voluntarily or accidentally spoke to. They both shared a... more
          • The casualest of buds - Connor, Fri Dec 21 08:39
            Ah, right. The reason that Connor did not usually choose to spend time with Remington was that the girl could be terribly impolite. He truly did not understand what Claudia saw in her. If he hadn’t... more
            • Supes Casual - Remington, Fri Dec 28 22:10
              Despite feeling slightly annoyed by the event for similar reasons, Remington didn’t want to admit that she and Connor shared any opinions. She considered herself a really kind person. Even when... more
              • Supes dupes - Connor, Sat Jan 5 11:22
                Well didn’t Remington think she was just so clever. Connor could see right through her, fortunately. She thought they by trying to insult his ability to attract girls, she would injure his pride. Of... more
    • A bit jaded about all this - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Thu Dec 13 21:02
      Being a younger-by-a-lot-of-years sibling meant that Anssi was used to being compared to the older Lundqvists. Getting attention not for himself but for someone else had been a normal part of life... more
      • Allow me to divert your attention - Claudia Dubois, Sun Dec 16 17:10
        There were only two people who sent Claudia letters with any sort of regularity. Her mother was one, writing on behalf of both of her parents, with her father occasionally adding a paragraph at the... more
        • Congratulations, you succeeded! - Anssi, Thu Dec 27 04:49
          Anssi's face sunk into a matching frown at her rude answer. Claudia was - well, he had thought she was okay for his first year, or at least "okay" by the meaning that he had not really spent any time ... more
          • I strive for success - Claudia, Sun Dec 30 14:36
            “Why do you say that? I was watching where I was going,” Anssi returned, seeming initially aggrieved by her reaction, but then he almost instantly was back to sounding as irritated as Claudia felt by ... more
            • Gold star for you - Anssi, Sun Dec 30 16:40
              “Perhaps we both had other things on our minds.” As much as Anssi did not particularly want to admit that she was right, he also did not want to be arguing right now and appreciated that what she had ... more
              • *pins star to robes* - Claudia, Mon Dec 31 12:59
                Did Anssi just roll his eyes at her? Claudia was equally dismayed and affronted. This was not the sweet Draco she remembered working with in beginner classes; the younger student she’d smiled at when ... more
    • In the mood for fun - Andrew Tennant, Mon Dec 10 12:02
      Drew couldn’t say with a hundred percent certainty whether he and Darlene were soulmates, but he liked her a heck of a lot, and here was the thing: when you were dating a girl and there was an event... more
      • I'm always in the mood for fun - Dade/Dakota Farnon, Wed Dec 12 09:44
        Honestly, it wasn’t that Dakota had forgotten about the nonsense that Myffi was planning this term, it was that she hadn’t paid attention in the first place. The last time the Welsh girl had gone... more
        • I'm turning over a new leaf - Dade, Sun Dec 16 15:58
          Drew didn’t take the rock that Dakota was handing him, and she frowned as it shifted between blue, orange, and pink. Then Drew explained what the stone was, then explained what the meaning of the... more
          • You should try the whole branch - Drew, Mon Dec 17 12:59
            She might have a different name and a different wardrobe, but Dakota was still pricklier than a knarl. Or a cactus. Or—you got the point. She was really prickly and Drew probably should’ve expected a ... more
            • Asking a bit much, aren't you? - Dade/Dakota, Tue Dec 18 09:41
              Really, Dade hadn’t thought his question through well enough to be expecting any specific answer. Or at all, if he was being honest, because he had mostly been responding defensively to what he had... more
              • You’re right, baby steps - Drew, Tue Dec 18 22:09
                Dakota didn’t run away, which was a real possibility with her, so Drew took it as a good sign. “No problem,” he said, because it was no problem. They were friends. Dakota did a lot of stuff that... more
                • Did you shark? - Dakota, Thu Dec 20 09:22
                  Definitions sounded boring, Dakota didn’t like the Lemont girls very much, and it would definitely be weird to see your parents at one of these things. She felt sorry for Drew, who had to see his... more
                  • Why would you say that? - Drew, Mon Dec 24 11:36
                    Oh, right, people used the Finer Diner for something other than schoolwide events like Soulmate Dinner or everyone randomly losing their memory. Duh. That made a lot more sense to Drew than Dakota... more
        • That’s news to me - Drew, Sat Dec 15 13:49
          “Hey Dakota,” Drew said. Calling his friend by her new name was coming more easily to Drew now, although he still called her Dade in his head most of the time. But out loud it was starting to feel... more
    • It's been a little while [Garen] - Professor Aaron McKindy, Mon Dec 10 10:18
      Having complicated relationships with his children was something that Aaron was very used to, at this point. The last he’d heard from Jessie, she was getting married, but that had been quite awhile... more
      • But some things never change - Garen Tennant, Mon Dec 10 13:58
        Garen was beginning to suspect that his youngest daughter had inherited more than from gray-green eyes from Jessie. Although Madeleine knew much less about Garen and Aaron’s relationship history than ... more
        • Well there's been some change - Aaron, Mon Dec 10 18:18
          On the way to the Finer Diner, Aaron relaxed, at least a little bit. Garen engaged him in conversation about a book he was picking his way through. It was in Aramaic, which was actually more of a... more
          • Only for the better - Garen, Mon Dec 10 22:51
            Aaron looked suddenly anxious, which Garen initially attributed to worries about having to hold private lessons with one of the Tennant kids. He imagined that teaching a classroom full of students,... more
            • You say that... - Aaron, Tue Dec 11 06:55
              There was a moment when Aaron almost spontaneously confessed to his husband exactly what was going on with Madeleine - the reason they were getting along again. The singular thing that stopped him... more
              • Because I mean it - Garen, Tue Dec 11 10:09
                “She’s precocious,” Garen agreed, grinning. Perhaps as a side effect from teacher parents and growing up in the school, Madeleine would probably be overly prepared for her first year as a student at... more
                • That's very straightforward of you - Aaron, Tue Dec 11 12:01
                  With a quick glance up from the table, Aaron knew that Garen was not pleased. It didn’t seem like he was angry, Aaron had definitely done things that caused more displeasure than that, but it was... more
                  • One of us has to be - Garen, Thu Dec 13 08:48
                    Aaron immediately apologized. As much as he didn’t want to, Garen couldn’t help reading into that: was this a genuine apology, or was it the kind triggered by Aaron feeling guilty? There was a subtle ... more
                    • “Uh,” although Aaron had seen this going badly, he hadn’t quite expected to go down this particular road. Suddenly he wished that they had chosen a different activity. Then he reconsidered, given... more
                      • Good call - Garen, Fri Dec 28 23:54
                        Now this was something of a different sort of apology than the one Aaron had offered earlier. He sounded like he meant it, and he was apologizing for the right thing, and Garen was vaguely proud of... more
    • Any florists in the house? - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Dec 9 20:45
      When Myffi had explained the event she was hosting, Nolan had pointed out that soulmates weren’t a thing. Because, well, either they weren’t real, or they were real but it didn’t matter. Marriage was ... more
      • Not my specialty but I'll give it a shot - Marley Chapman, Sun Dec 9 22:30
        “Daisies, marigold, black-eyed-Susans, trillium, or other lilies, and umm those big pink ones, what’re they called?” Marley wondered aloud, frowning in thought at the gently steaming cauldron. “Oh,... more
        • All applicants are welcome - Nolan, Fri Dec 14 13:23
          Unfortunately, Marley either wasn’t very good at this or had missed the point, because she immediately went off naming a lot of flowers that as far as Nolan could recall didn’t smell like much. Did... more
          • That might be too low a bar - Marley, Thu Dec 27 03:58
            "Oooh jasmine," Marley echoed, equal parts pleased for him that he'd managed to figure it out and curious as to how or why jasmine had gotten into his amortentia. "I hadn't considered that. Jasmine's ... more
            • Are we jumping or limboing? - Nolan, Tue Jan 1 00:36
              Nolan didn’t think of jasmine as an herb—it was definitely just a flower, pretty sure—but he wasn’t the kind of person who cared about being right, so he just shrugged and nodded at Marley. She’d... more
              • Nolan didn't seem nearly as intrigued with her proposal that Amortentia could be sentient. In fact, if anything, his response just suggested that he thought she was crazy, like, by the for-real... more
                • We could just walk - Nolan, Mon Jan 14 19:59
                  Nolan was smart about some things. He knew a lot about horses, for example, and about riding and flying them competitively. He knew what some might think was a surprising amount about English figures ... more
    • I don't see the appeal - Georgina Philpott, Sun Dec 9 16:11
      There was some crazy vegan event happening in the Diner today, headed by that crazy vegan girl who was the female half of their student leadership team. Or female portion was maybe more accurate than ... more
      • Then why take me here? - Elliot Phippen, Sun Dec 9 16:56
        Dear Mama & Dad, The good thing about writing letters (as compared to doing homework by hand) was that Elliot could use a mechanical pencil and lined paper, like a person living in the twenty-first... more
        • For kicks - Georgina, Sun Dec 9 17:56
          Elliot was a pain in the arse when it came to arguing that Muggle just about anything was better than its magical equivalent - yes, clearly biros were more practical that quills, but quills were so... more
          • Kicks and tricks? - Elliot, Sun Dec 9 23:40
            Food sounded fine, except that this was definitely a Myffi event (the recycled paper and shitty ink was a dead giveaway) so there was probably no meat even though it wasn’t a Monday. Then again, it... more
            • Tricks are for tricksters - Gigi, Mon Dec 10 15:24
              Tech nerd grabbed some chips of his own and set about serving himself spaghetti. It was a weird dish choice - even for a vegan - considering the event was all coupley and stuff. Gigi would put... more
              • And Trix are for kids - Elliot, Tue Dec 11 08:39
                “ Listen, ” Gigi said, like someone who wasn’t also eleven and didn’t have probably roughly the same amount of experience with dating as Elliot had. Then she spun off into a lecture that, to Elliot,... more
                • I knew we’d end up here - Gigi, Tue Dec 11 12:03
                  He still wasn’t getting it, and his argument didn’t make sense, either: Elliot said a soulmate could either be antisocial with you, or make you less so. “Which is it?” Gigi queried obnoxiously. “Do... more
                  • Silly rabbi - Elliot, Sat Dec 15 00:16
                    Turned out that Elliot’s romantic worldview, based mostly on the idea that there was one most perfect person for everyone, wasn’t an especially defensible position to hold. But damn it if he wasn’t... more
                    • Oh you’re so Punny - Gigi, Mon Dec 17 15:08
                      Not that she would tell him so, but Elliot finally said something Gigi could come close to accepting: “They fit in with the parts of you that aren’t going to change, and make the other parts better.” ... more
                      • “ They’re both wizards. ” Maybe it was because his godmother had a wife, or because he was named after his two maternal grandfathers, or because his whole life he’d known his mother liked women as... more
                        • Heard it, hated it, move on - Gigi, Sun Dec 30 15:12
                          Elliot wasn’t getting it. Just knowing that two staff members were married when she hadn’t previously known about it was sort of a wild ride (not that wild because there were lots of staff members... more
                          • Well, you’re no fun - Elliot, Sun Dec 30 16:27
                            Elliot didn’t actually give a crap about what happened in the Dark Ages, as Gigi called them, but he’d thought he was giving her a frame of reference. Maybe her dad would’ve mentioned some of his... more
                            • I am fun I just don’t pun - Gigi, Thu Jan 3 17:18
                              Elliot was getting on Gigi’s last nerve. Maybe in New York people just dated and married whoever they wanted, regardless of sex, but this was all shiny and new to her and he was being a complete... more
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