Well that's not a good start
Tue Jan 1, 2019 20:03

If there was one thing Kit was now sure of, it was that DJ was a lying liar-pants. As a girl, she was one hundred percent certain that girls didnít just send people Howlers when they didnít deserve them. The only person Kit would ever send a Howler to was Elliot, which sounded actually like a really good plan if she could figure out how to send Howlers. It hadnít been taught to them in Spellwork yet. Was there Howler parchment you could buy on Pearl Street? Or maybe Grandpa Aaron would teach her. Or Darlene, Darlene was all smart about magic pureblood things. Technically Kit had been raised magical, but her family wasnít snooty-dooty purebloods or anything. Well not the family they talked to anyway. When you thought about it too hard, her family got kind of complicated so Kit often chose not to think about it too hard.

What was clearly NOT complicated, though, was that DJ was not actually a good person like Remy and Dade-Dakota and Drew said because he was being mean to this girl, who was clearly his girlfriend from his old school. Kit had watched exactly enough Disney Channel shows to know that DJ was acting exactly like a boy who hadnít actually broken up with a girl. In fact, if this were a Disney Channel show, Kit would probably be the best friend of the girl that he claimed he broke up with and theyíd orchestrate some sort of revenge on him for being so mean and breaking her heart like that. What sort of person didnít even give their girlfriend a gift for Christmas? Unless they didnít celebrate Christmas. But DJ didnít look like he didnít celebrate Christmas, so he probably celebrated Christmas and was just a lying liar-pants.

ďUh-huh,Ē Kit said, in her best skeptical interrogation voice. ď ĎCause that sure sounded like you have a girlfriend. I bet sheís named something like Harmony or Diana, isnít she? You should be careful, otherwise sheís going to get you.Ē The last bit sounded a little less like a warning than it probably should have.

Because unfortunately for DJ, Kit had already decided that since his girlfriend had nobody to stand up to her at RMI, even though Kit didnít know her name and even though she probably had a BFF at the school DJ had come from (it started with a W buf Kit didnít remember the whole name), Kit would be the one to stand up for her. And Kit would help her put together the best revenge plan against DJ ever. All she needed to do was find out her name, which Kitís clever ruse would probably lead DJ to reveal. Then once Kit had her name, she would send an owl and they would start their penpal plans for DJ to get what was coming to him.

Pretend breaking up with someone was practically as bad as swearing, in Kitís book. Marissa and Rose and Danny and all of the other older kids that graduated already would never ever do something like that. They were all such great role models, and now look at what the school had come to with them gone! Kit could have thrown up her hands in frustration, but she was busy working on getting the most possible information about the situation from DJ so she could plot his downfall with his not-ex-girlfriend.

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    • Well that's not a good start - Kit, Tue Jan 1 20:03
      • Why not? - DJ, Tue Jan 8 13:13
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