Leo Harris
Here to enforce it
Sat Jan 5, 2019 15:49

Upon his initial meeting with Myfanwy Owen, Leo Harris, had pegged her down as an insufferable snowflake with too many opinions and far too much time on her hands. To say his opinion of Myffi had softened over time would be underestimating the complete one hundred and eighty degree flip which had occurred. Myffi was more than capable of deflecting criticism, she was passionate about the planet, and, kind and generous with her time. Myffi was the best person Leo knew- had ever known- but that didn’t mean every scheme she cooked up was the best idea.

The Soulmate Supper had been the most ridiculous concept Leo had ever heard, and although he hadn’t done much more than chuckle upon first hearing about it, as the event creeped ever closer, his expression began to twist into an uneasy grimace, rather than an amused smirk, at the mere mention of the thing.

He had silently decided not to attend. A wise decision, really. How would it look to turn up to a poncy ‘Soulmate’ event hosted by your high school girlfriend? Like he was some lovesick doofus, that’s what it would look like. And Leo didn’t even believe in soulmates- romantic or platonic. People just stumbled through life shiting from one relationship to another, expecting the next person they got lunch with would be their soulmate. Someone to sap the misery from their existence and give meaning to life, making them truly happy, but it wasn’t any more real than Santa Clause or weight shifting shakes. Yes, it was best he didn’t attend.

he thought, what would it say if he didn’t turn up? That he wasn’t serious about Myffi? That he thought they were doomed?

Hell, maybe soulmates were real and it was just more like winning the lottery, and less like finding a dog that liked you (dogs were love addicts- they’d love Connor Farnon if they had to- so this was easily achieved). Maybe, not every person found their soulmate, there were millions of people in the world the chance you’d find the person just right for you was very slim indeed, but it was not impossible.

It was causing him no small amount of agony worrying over this silly event when his mind should have been more focused on Quidditch and the next Spellwork exam. But that’s what girls did to you. They slowly ate away at your brain until you couldn’t function like a normal person anymore, until you knew you’d be left with nothing- no brain, no self esteem, no joy- if you left them. And they had won, you were stuck.

The soulmate conundrum had left Leo rooted to the spot, not sure whether to retreat to the safety of his room or stride right into the fire pit, but the decision was eventually made for him when he overheard some snot-nosed student in the hallways declaring the supper an embarrassment. They couldn’t have been more than thirteen and couldn’t even tie their shoelaces properly (Leo had checked), who were they to say such things? After casting a harmless spell to knot the laces on each of their shoes together, Leo had slumped against a wall waiting to see them trip over and come to the conclusion they he really ought to show his face. It was important to provide moral support- especially if no one was going to take the event seriously.

Luckily, it appeared the presence of food was always going to be enough to lure teenagers out of their darkened rooms, because when Leo arrived there were already small crowds gathering around the different activities. Leo was grateful for this- he didn’t fancy tossing around mood stones or playing puzzle games. No way was he letting some object tell him things about himself he didn’t already know, that was just plain rude. Instead he decided to go stand by the definitions wall and skim his eye over the wishy-washy words of his fellow students, this way he could look like he was participating without actually having to participate. Unfortunately, when he got there he saw there was already a gawky giraffe breathing up all the air.

Leo sighed. Why did it have to be Russell? Talking to people was always exhausting but talking to Russell was so much worse. Leo didn’t much fancy having to hold an entire conversation all by himself. Perhaps, if he made his presence known bambi would get spooked and prance off to be weird somewhere else. Leo sighed again and abruptly asked Russell to move over a bit. He watched the other boy startle with satisfaction, sure that he would soon be rid of him, but then the older student had to go and spit out all that drivel.

Leo’s eyes narrowed. So Russell was too good for Myffi’s event, huh? Too smart or too dedicated to continuing his lonely existence, to engage with the Soulmate Supper but happy enough to turn up, eat the food, and mock everyone else for not being dead inside. “What, you’re just here to have a good laugh at everyone else,” Leo pulled his shoulders up, straightening into his full height, “No. No, I don’t think so, Mr Headboy.” He reached out and snatched up some cards to press roughly into Russell's hands, “You’re going to want to write something.” No one got to laugh at Myffi, not even someone as sad and wilted as Russell Drew.

  • Forced Participation - Russell Drew, Mon Dec 31 14:38
    Russell had been perfectly content to just pick a table and have a plain, meatless dinner before retiring to his dorm for the night. This plan hadn't accounted for Myffi, though, who'd popped up at... more
    • Here to enforce it - Leo Harris, Sat Jan 5 15:49
      • Can't we skip this part? - Russell, Mon Jan 14 19:57
        “Wait uh that’s not what I-- what--” Stammering profusely, he did not try to stop flinching away from Leo, which was just as well because he sure didn’t succeed - not when the other boy straightened... more
        • I always follow through - Leo, Wed Jan 16 07:55
          One of two things was happening here: a) Russell was an idiot b) Russell thought Leo was an idiot Because thought Leo, as he read and reread Russell’s ‘deep’ words on soulmates, there was no way... more
          • I rarely do - Russell, Wed Jan 16 18:05
            Not done was apparently the answer, since Leo’s reaction was to tear down his card and threaten to punch him. He flinched away, a thousand percent expecting the other boy to throw the paper in his... more
            • Time to try it - Leo, Thu Jan 17 07:29
              For one heart pounding moment Leo thought Russell was going to cry. Leo was no stranger to confrontation, one might even suggest he sought it out, but tears were a territory less travelled. Leo had... more
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