I have many talents
Sun Jan 6, 2019 15:16

“Okay, genius, how do you do it, then? Go around having sexual experiences with people before you know whether or not you’re into them?”

Gigi laughed. “First off, thank you for acknowledging my genius, it often passes unremarked upon.” Elliot had pretty much confirmed what she suspected, that the chip she’d just swallowed did have more experience than the first year opposite her, but hey, everyone moved at a different pace. Georgina wouldn’t usually take a tease too far; she wasn’t a bully. Instead she played along with his dumb argument some more. Turned out butting heads with the nerd was actually a fun way to pass time.

“To answer your question, I guess ...” she mimed thinking hard, creasing her brow and rubbing her chin with her forefinger, supported on its other side by her thumb, while she actually thought about it. Archie Collins had been her first kiss, at the year six Christmas party, and Gigi had decided afterwards that he was kind of cute and she wouldn’t mind doing that again, but then he’d hung around that skanky Phoebe Parker instead. His loss. Her most recent kissing had all been with Liam, which was a reality too sad to contemplate. She didn’t fancy Liam before, during, or after kissing him, so that didn’t go far to support Elliot’s query in either direction. Then there was Luke, who was kind of hot, and he laughed a lot when Gigi was around, and if he wasn’t two years older she knew for a fact he would be completely into her. Like he would think about her all day and all night and be ruined for any other girl ever. Yet she was cursed to be the same age as ginger, freckled Liam, not his hot older brother.

“... I’m about half and half either way,” she finished, deciding Liam sort of counted in both camps. Kissing him hadn’t changed her not being into him, but she didn’t know that for sure until it happened. Gigi followed her answer with an over-dramatic shrug. Not that she would even usually count kissing as a sexual experience but unless seeing Matthew Boulton’s arse when the other lads kegged him at the park counted as a sexual experience - and Merlin she hoped it didn’t because that was even sadder than kissing Liam - it was all she had to go on. She was eleven years old and not a slag.

“But like, all my kisses and crushes have been boys,” she said, voicing a thought almost as it occurred to her. She looked at Elliot and grinned. “Do you have a crush on a boy? Oh my god, is it someone here at school?” Her eyes positively sparkled with mischievous delight as she leaned forward over the table towards him. “You can tell me. We can compare notes.”

  • You’re quite the poet - Elliot, Sun Jan 6 12:40
    Yup, coming out for the first time to someone he always argued with was totally worth it for the look on Gigi’s face. She was just staring, not even cracking back with a smart-mouthed comment. Had he ... more
    • I have many talents - Gigi, Sun Jan 6 15:16
      • What else can you do? - Elliot, Sun Jan 6 16:22
        Now Elliot was probably making the exact same face Gigi had made when he said he would be into guys too. How the pineapple did Gigi, who lived in the middle of nowhere with the most boring people on... more
        • That information is classified - Gigi, Sun Jan 6 17:08
          Georgina was equal parts surprised and unsurprised that Elliot would tell her his crushes, if he had them. The mismatched pair were sort of friends, she guessed. They hung out a lot, and it was fun... more
          • Says who? - Elliot, Tue Jan 8 06:55
            Between the two Aquila firsties leaning over the vegan spaghetti with meatless balls, Elliot wasn’t sure which of them was Lady and which was the Tramp, but there was definitely a comparison there... more
            • Your mom - Gigi, Sun Jan 13 14:45
              Elliot’s comment about Joey made Gigi laugh. Not just a snort or a huff or a chuckle, but a proper, gleeful cackle of sheer joy. “Yeah,” she agreed in a voice pitched high with mirth, “The first time ... more
              • She’s not so good with secrets - Elliot, Sat Jan 19 10:55
                Elliot hadn’t understood enough of his interactions with Joey to tell whether the other guy was as “ ever so sweet ” as Gigi said. He and Joey had worked together a few times in class, because it was ... more
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