What else can you do?
Sun Jan 6, 2019 16:22

Now Elliot was probably making the exact same face Gigi had made when he said he would be into guys too. How the pineapple did Gigi, who lived in the middle of nowhere with the most boring people on the planet, have any experience with the opposite sex? (He was guessing she had exactly zero experience with the same sex too, since she’d gotten all weird and flustered when the subject of queer people came up. Unless she was ridiculously far in denial or something—did that still happen? In this day and age?)

Also, what the pineapple did half and half mean? Like, half the time she went around hooking up with (probably not that, but you know what he meant) people she wasn’t even into? Why would you even want to kiss (or whatever) if you weren’t attracted to the other person? Elliot could understand kissing someone you didn’t have a crush on, but if you weren’t into them even a little then what was the point?

More to the point, how did Gigi have more experience than he did when he literally had twice as many options? Elliot had kissed Luna from his dance class during one of the recitals “for good luck,” but he didn’t count that because it was just a peck. Maybe Gigi’s weird sheltered town counted holding hands as action or something.

No, apparently she meant kissing. Huh. Also weird how Gigi thought Elliot would want to talk about crushes with her when she had dragged him to a Soulmate Event and then mocked him the whole time, but that was kind of what their friendship was like so Elliot just answered the question. “I’d tell you if I did, but nope,” he said, shrugging. He thought DJ was hot, sure, but he was also a fourth year and Elliot didn’t know anything about him. There was definitely not a crushworthy amount of information about DJ for Elliot to feel anything more than damn, that’s a pretty guy. He mentally ran through all the guys at RMI he talked to most days—Tycho (EW), Grayson, Eugene—but nah, he didn’t have crushes on any of them either. Which was probably good, because having a crush on his roommate would be awkward no matter what.

He also didn’t have crushes on any of the girls at RMI. Mostly he hung out with Sadie and Gigi. Violet Rosse was kind of cute (although if Elliot was being honest he thought her sister was way prettier) but also annoying. Natalia Carboni was hot and Annie Ehrenstein had a kind of Cara Delevingne thing going on, but Elliot was pretty sure he’d never said two words to the older girls so that wasn’t a crush, it was… appreciation. Just because Elliot couldn’t buy didn’t mean he couldn’t window shop. It sounded like Gigi had been doing some window shopping of her own, too. “Why? Who’s in your notes?” Elliot asked, leaning forward with interest, elbows on the table.

  • I have many talents - Gigi, Sun Jan 6 15:16
    “Okay, genius, how do you do it, then? Go around having sexual experiences with people before you know whether or not you’re into them?” Gigi laughed. “First off, thank you for acknowledging my... more
    • What else can you do? - Elliot, Sun Jan 6 16:22
      • That information is classified - Gigi, Sun Jan 6 17:08
        Georgina was equal parts surprised and unsurprised that Elliot would tell her his crushes, if he had them. The mismatched pair were sort of friends, she guessed. They hung out a lot, and it was fun... more
        • Says who? - Elliot, Tue Jan 8 06:55
          Between the two Aquila firsties leaning over the vegan spaghetti with meatless balls, Elliot wasn’t sure which of them was Lady and which was the Tramp, but there was definitely a comparison there... more
          • Your mom - Gigi, Sun Jan 13 14:45
            Elliot’s comment about Joey made Gigi laugh. Not just a snort or a huff or a chuckle, but a proper, gleeful cackle of sheer joy. “Yeah,” she agreed in a voice pitched high with mirth, “The first time ... more
            • She’s not so good with secrets - Elliot, Sat Jan 19 10:55
              Elliot hadn’t understood enough of his interactions with Joey to tell whether the other guy was as “ ever so sweet ” as Gigi said. He and Joey had worked together a few times in class, because it was ... more
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