Says who?
Tue Jan 8, 2019 06:55

Between the two Aquila firsties leaning over the vegan spaghetti with meatless balls, Elliot wasn’t sure which of them was Lady and which was the Tramp, but there was definitely a comparison there that wasn’t quite clicking in Elliot’s brain. (Personally he fancied himself more of a Dodger from Oliver and Company, although “streetwise” was a strong word for a middle class eleven-year-old white boy from NYC who had spent more time in the fictional outdoors than on either grass or sidewalk.)

He would have told Gigi if he had a crush on someone, because Elliot didn’t sit on that kind of information. If he wanted to date someone, or even kiss them without the dating part, he would just come right out and say it. Waiting was dumb. Hiding a crush was dumb, and not just dumb, but if was never going to do anything for you. The best thing you could do was give the other person a chance to reject or agree with you, and then you could get on with your life. If you never told them because you were hoping they might spontaneously ask you out one day, you’d never get to do anything. So he had no problem telling Gigi about any crush he had, because if he’d had one for long enough to tell her, he’d have already told the person he was crushing on.

Elliot was a rip-the-bandaid-off kind of person, mostly because slow peeling took too long. Upperclassmen were different, obviously, because Elliot was smart enough to know that fourteen-year-olds didn’t wanna make out with eleven-year-olds. He couldn’t get anything out of telling them they were hot so why bother?

Gigi pretty much agreed with him that no one their age at RMI was especially crushworthy. Elliot nodded agreement that she should probably stop kissing the brother of the guy she liked—Elliot didn’t think that should be a big deal, the past was the past, but he knew a lot of people would probably get hung up on something like that, and maybe this auburn-haired Luke was one of them—but he obviously didn’t know the guy so couldn’t comment. Elliot also didn’t bother with saying how hot the older students were—those weren’t crushes, he didn’t know much about who they were as people, they were just hella nice to look at. Elliot did wonder if Gigi’s list of fiiiiiine upperclassmen matched his list. It probably wouldn’t include Teal or Annie or Natalia, but maybe they had the same taste in men.

Then she mentioned Joey and nope, they definitely did not have the same taste. No offense to Joey—he seemed like a decent guy—but he had the worst haircut on the planet and even if that was fixed, Elliot couldn’t see himself being into him. Plus the guy needed subtitles and a translator (or better yet, a voicedub) to be intelligible. “Every time I talk to Joey,” Elliot pronounced, “I feel like I’m having the kind of stroke that makes you forget how to speak your native language.” Although maybe Gigi didn’t have much talking in mind with him.

Elliot didn’t give two shits about whether someone was related to staff. Professor Blair-West was scary in that powerful-woman kind of way, sure, but Elliot had no intention of staff members being alerted to what he did even if he dated their nephews or whoever. If Kit hadn’t dedicated her life to bothering him he probably would have thought she was cute and fun, but glaring daggers at him every time their paths crossed was not very cute and fun. “No, I think DJ Finn is like, the hottest person at RMI,” Elliot told her, “but yeah, like you said, older. Violet’s kind of cute,” he offered, naming Gigi’s roommate, “but she seems sooo high maintenance. Like, I don’t know how you haven’t killed each other yet.”

  • That information is classified - Gigi, Sun Jan 6 17:08
    Georgina was equal parts surprised and unsurprised that Elliot would tell her his crushes, if he had them. The mismatched pair were sort of friends, she guessed. They hung out a lot, and it was fun... more
    • Says who? - Elliot, Tue Jan 8 06:55
      • Your mom - Gigi, Sun Jan 13 14:45
        Elliot’s comment about Joey made Gigi laugh. Not just a snort or a huff or a chuckle, but a proper, gleeful cackle of sheer joy. “Yeah,” she agreed in a voice pitched high with mirth, “The first time ... more
        • She’s not so good with secrets - Elliot, Sat Jan 19 10:55
          Elliot hadn’t understood enough of his interactions with Joey to tell whether the other guy was as “ ever so sweet ” as Gigi said. He and Joey had worked together a few times in class, because it was ... more
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