Why not?
Tue Jan 8, 2019 13:13

Katherine Uh-huh’ed him like his little sister Evie did when she didn’t believe him. Great, this girl was probably another little know it all just like his kid sister could be. Why did she have to be the one to hear it? Why couldn’t it have been Drew his most normal friend here at RMI? Sometimes he missed Wallowa even with Ella being around.

When Katherine questioned his girlfriend's name, he shrugged. “It doesn't really matter what her name is since I broke up with her and she won’t take that as an answer,” DJ stated doubling down on his lie. No one here knew Ella that was for sure she was a Muggleborn. She readily admitted that out loud on their first day of school. It had shocked a few but having grown up with a Muggleborn Dad DJ hadn’t cared one bit.

DJ shrugged off Katherine’s warning and looked down at his meal. Even though he was a bit embarrassed by Ella’s theatrics, he was still starving, and he knew first thing after breakfast Ella was going to have an ex. He was going to send her a Howler of her own, and if he timed it just right she would be goalkeeping in the soccer game when it arrived so, the whole school would see just how much DJ did not want to be dating her.

He glanced up at Katherine and smiled. “So your friends with all my friends? None of them have mentioned a Katherine before.” He was trying to put this whole situation behind him.

  • Well that's not a good start - Kit, Tue Jan 1 20:03
    If there was one thing Kit was now sure of, it was that DJ was a lying liar-pants. As a girl, she was one hundred percent certain that girls didn’t just send people Howlers when they didn’t deserve... more
    • Why not? - DJ, Tue Jan 8 13:13
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