I was thinking vaulting, but now I'm not sure
Tue Jan 8, 2019 22:18

Nolan didn't seem nearly as intrigued with her proposal that Amortentia could be sentient. In fact, if anything, his response just suggested that he thought she was crazy, like, by the for-real mental issues definition. How boring. It was like he'd never watched a science fiction film before. (Or, y'know, whatever the Pureblood equivalent to that was... if one even existed. Probably not, actually. Maybe that explained it. Marley wasn't a fan of generalizations for what she felt were obvious reasons, but gosh, practically all of her Pureblood friends really struggled in the imagination department, at least some of the time.)

"Doesn't rule it out," she fired back, matter-of-fact, but dropped the topic because there wasn't any point or need to try encouraging Nolan to think creatively about it. She'd explored it well enough for herself in that small burst, and it might crop up later, most likely the next time she was randomly awake in the middle of the night and needed something random but not uninteresting to think about while she tried to fall back asleep, so for now she could move on, preferably to something they could have an actual conversation about without him acting kinda weird and superior.

"Unless you're what?"

Ooooh and this was an interesting thing to move on to. His reaction in this case wasn't very surprising, and really she probably should've expected it as soon as she said the word, because a lot of Purebloods who grew up magical didn't seem to have much or any knowledge of LGBTQ+ identifies and issues and stuff. And yeah, once again, she wanted to avoid generalizations, but it was hard when her friends kept making them real. Like, literally most of the drama that had happened to her recently-ish was because of Purebloods not getting it. Dating Teal had really been an eye-opening experience for that. It hadn't just been Claudia who didn't get it; it was Teal herself, too, and Marley couldn't accurately guess how much of that was because of being Pureblooded and how much was for other reasons, but still. Even her own grandparents didn't get it and threw a fit when her dad started dating men.

...Okay her grandparents weren't Purebloods, they were just old and religious and white (less relevant) (except for the part where white people didn't get a lot of things, like racial microaggressions, so maybe that actually was relevant by making it easier for them to ignore that prejudice existed in other areas? Hmmmm, save that thought for later). But like, take Robin for example, he was a Pureblood and his parents were too, and they still "forgot" his pronouns sometimes, apparently. It was a good thing that she'd never met them. She couldn't even imagine what it would feel like to witness, or what she would do in response, or what she should do, let alone how it felt to Robin.

Anyways: "I said unless you're aromantic," Marley repeated. "Like ummm right so you know about orientations, yeah? Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, etcetera?" She paused to make sure Nolan was following, or at least did something that she interpreted to mean he was following, whether or not he actually was. "Well some people say there's also a whole separate romantic spectrum. So, like, you might be heterosexual, and only wanna bang women--" oops that was probably a bit crass of her to say but too late "--but you could simultaneously be biromantic, and also be attracted to men, except not sexually. And some people identify as asexual, like they're not sexually attracted to anyone, and other people identify as aromantic, like they don't feel romantic love for anyone. So that would complicate Amortentia a lot." To be fair, Marley didn't identify either way, really, and she didn't have personal experience with anyone who did, she'd just come across the terms in some articles online, so maybe people defined it differently for themselves, like how sometimes bisexual meant "men and women" and sometimes it meant "like and not like" and included non-binary genders. But she suspected that might be too much for Nolan to grasp off the bat.

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