Your mom
Sun Jan 13, 2019 14:45

Elliot’s comment about Joey made Gigi laugh. Not just a snort or a huff or a chuckle, but a proper, gleeful cackle of sheer joy. “Yeah,” she agreed in a voice pitched high with mirth, “The first time we talked I thought he Confunded me.” Even when she understood his words she somehow still failed to grasp Joey’s meaning, but she liked hanging out with him anyway. Sometimes she even laughed with him, instead of just at him. “He’s ever so sweet,” Georgina added, because while Joey was hilariously unintelligible, that was all him, just being himself, and that wasn’t something to be mocked cruelly. Just something to take the piss out of now and again.

His hair cut was also clamouring to be mercilessly made fun of, but even Baby Kangaroo himself seemed to have realised that, as Gigi would swear he was growing it out. She could swoop in and do a makeover, at least whip him into shape for some other girl who was content to get mixed up with Blairzilla’s nephew, but she could barely dress herself in the morning. She didn’t really have a handle on this whole fashion malarkey, which is why she more often than not ended up in skinny jeans and tied t-shirts, mixing it up with skirts (so long as they were short enough to still move in. Being trapped by her clothing was never appealing) when she wanted to be girly, like today. Her Mum said boys mature slower than girls though, so maybe by the time Joey’s grown up brain started to kick in he’d figure out his trademark look was a visual turn off.

“I think DJ Finn is like, the hottest person at RMI,” lover boy announced. Gigi shrugged as she slurped up more spaghetti, the twitch of her eyebrow and pull of her lips combining with the action to convey she had no idea which student that was. Or even if it was a girl or a guy, considering the context, and the name giving no clue either way. Georgina barely paid attention to the older students, except as eye candy. She didn’t know their names.

Then the tech nerd said Vi was cute, and Gigi’s interest piqued for a second, until he suggested she was high maintenance. Then Gigi snorted. “Oh wow you’re so right,” she chuckled. Merlin she was getting some good shit from this chat. Already she was telling Sadie that Elliot liked boys, and now she was in the happy position of going back to her dormitory later to say, Hey Vi, Elliot Phippen thinks you’re cute but you’re too high maintenance.’ What a perfect evening this was turning into. “You have no idea,” Gigi trilled before licking her fingers clean of bolognese. “I prank her to stay sane, she gets her own back so we’re on even footing.” Sometimes Vi tricked Gigi like a true Aquila, but sometimes she went berserk like a true spoiled brat. “I put shower gel on her toothpaste, she threw her hairbrush at me. I coated her pillow and sheets with flour, she hid all my underwear. It’s a back and forth,” she grinned. “You telling me life is quieter, sharing a room with Grayson?”

  • Says who? - Elliot, Tue Jan 8 06:55
    Between the two Aquila firsties leaning over the vegan spaghetti with meatless balls, Elliot wasn’t sure which of them was Lady and which was the Tramp, but there was definitely a comparison there... more
    • Your mom - Gigi, Sun Jan 13 14:45
      • She’s not so good with secrets - Elliot, Sat Jan 19 10:55
        Elliot hadn’t understood enough of his interactions with Joey to tell whether the other guy was as “ ever so sweet ” as Gigi said. He and Joey had worked together a few times in class, because it was ... more
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