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Mon Jan 14, 2019 19:57

“Wait uh that’s not what I-- what--” Stammering profusely, he did not try to stop flinching away from Leo, which was just as well because he sure didn’t succeed - not when the other boy straightened up threateningly above his own taller-but-slouching height, definitely not when he slammed some papers into Russell’s hands without any warning. He also didn’t succeed at holding back a quiet yelp of wordless panic. Again he hadn’t been trying, and another person might have called this neither nor failure, but in his case it was so obviously the later, no question about it. The Californian stared down at the blank cards and then back up at Leo. Exactly how noticeable it was behind his dark-tinted sunglasses wasn’t something he could tell for himself, but to Russell it felt like the sudden widening of his eyes could only have been more obvious if he’d been a loris or one of those other big-eyed nocturnal animals.

And speaking of that, wouldn’t that have been a better choice for whatever part of the subconscious was responsible for picking one’s Animagus form? It would have made way more sense for a visually disabled person to have the form of a nocturnal animal better matching their own sight limits, not just any old animal that happened to be colourblind... Oops, erm, not disabled. “Differently abled”. (Russell had no problem referring to himself as a disability - well, his eye thing as a disability - although he was in general a disability too - but his parents had other terminology ideas that he wasn’t opposed to enough to actually oppose, even in the privacy of his own thoughts.)

Anyways. “I’m not laughing at anyone,” Russell protested weakly, though ‘pleaded’ was probably a better descriptor. This wasn’t fair, and it wasn’t what he wanted, and he was used to both except on top of that, it was Leo. Why did it have to be Leo? He’d never done anything to wrong the Lyra, he thought, barring coming close to crashing into him on the Quidditch field on a few occasions, but he had nearly or actually crashed into almost every other player at this point so really hoped that hadn’t been taken personally. Was it just the fact he was somehow friends with Myffi that had set Leo on the same Anti-Russell grudge that Rose and Emmett had taken (via his friendships with Marissa and Holland, respectively)? Because that didn’t have an easy solution, unless he started adopting Eugene’s problems the way he’d tried to help Dade. Fortunately for Eugene, he seemed to have made friends, so that option was out. (Also fortunate for the rest of his House, considering the racket of that well-intentioned but pointless Sneakoscope.)

Really, if he didn’t get on surprisingly well with Myffi, he wouldn’t have minded Leo hating him or whatever. But the Welsh girl was friendly with him so he ought to make an effort, it didn’t feel right to be on one-sided-hostile terms with her boyfriend -- but no, Russell reminded himself, that wasn’t healthy to worry about. Leo wasn’t the same as Emmett, with whom he had been left behind after the older years’ graduated, and had tried making amends with, and botched spectacularly. Soon both he and Myffi would be gone and probably never see each other again, and he’d probably never see Leo again either. Not being on speaking-without-it-being-a-verbal-slap terms with her boyfriend was Okay. Except for the part where it wasn’t, which was all of it, because Russell was even worse at lying to himself than he was to other people.

“Umm sure, I guess I can write a card,” Russell conceded, wilting, presumably to the surprise of no one who might be observing them. Hopefully no one. This wasn’t the most embarrassing thing to happen to him at RMI, but that didn’t mean he wanted witnessed to his shrinking at the demands of a fifth-year. Rotating the cards horizontally, balancing them on a sweaty open palm, he took a pen from the basket and then (badly) sneaked a look at Leo and back to the cards and repeated that again before touching pen to paper. ‘Soulmates don’t make sense sometimes’ he wrote, being the only thing to come to mind when his brain was riveted on Leo and, by default, his relationship with Myffi. But Leo was already pretty riled up and he really didn’t need to be punched today, so he hastily added ‘but that’s fine, because friends don’t always make sense either, and it’s all sort of the same thing’ . Did that help, or make it worse? Too late. With another nervous glance at Leo, Russell stuck it on the wall. “...Done?” Can I go now, he wanted to add, but knew better.

  • Here to enforce it - Leo Harris, Sat Jan 5 15:49
    Upon his initial meeting with Myfanwy Owen, Leo Harris, had pegged her down as an insufferable snowflake with too many opinions and far too much time on her hands. To say his opinion of Myffi had... more
    • Can't we skip this part? - Russell, Mon Jan 14 19:57
      • I always follow through - Leo, Wed Jan 16 07:55
        One of two things was happening here: a) Russell was an idiot b) Russell thought Leo was an idiot Because thought Leo, as he read and reread Russell’s ‘deep’ words on soulmates, there was no way... more
        • I rarely do - Russell, Wed Jan 16 18:05
          Not done was apparently the answer, since Leo’s reaction was to tear down his card and threaten to punch him. He flinched away, a thousand percent expecting the other boy to throw the paper in his... more
          • Time to try it - Leo, Thu Jan 17 07:29
            For one heart pounding moment Leo thought Russell was going to cry. Leo was no stranger to confrontation, one might even suggest he sought it out, but tears were a territory less travelled. Leo had... more
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