I always follow through
Wed Jan 16, 2019 07:55

One of two things was happening here:

a) Russell was an idiot
b) Russell thought Leo was an idiot

Because thought Leo, as he read and reread Russell’s ‘deep’ words on soulmates, there was no way timid transfer Russell would deliberately antagonise him, right? Leo ran a hand through his hair and sighed- if he kept hanging around Russell he wouldn’t have a breath left, this kid was exhausting. Sadly, the excruciating encounter was going to have to continue a little longer. Russell was poking fun at Leo- prodding right at the core of his insecurities. As if Russell had any right to judge Leo! Was Russell dating anyone? Did Russell even have any friends? Leo didn’t think so (Myffi didn’t count because she likes everyone. An infuriating quality, if he was honest). It was enough to make the most sensible soul twitch with fury. So it was no surprise Leo found himself having to count to ten to calm his mind to a level of rage less likely to end with someone sprawled on the ground nursing a head injury.

Obviously, even if Leo didn’t want to initiate a brawl at his girlfriend's dopey hand-holding event he couldn’t let this snideness stand. With a short glance at his unwilling companion Leo reached out and ripped the paper from the wall with more force than was probably necessary. “Do you, like, enjoy getting punched or something?”

Clearly, they had misjudged quiet jumpy Russell. He was not just some poorly socialised nerd to divulge pity on, no, he had finally shown his true form and outed himself as a total jerk. Really, they all should have seen it coming. Did anyone even know where he’d came from? He hadn’t just dug himself out of the ground one day like a bleary mole and been surprised to find himself at RMI. The guy had to have come from somewhere. Maybe he’d had to flee his last school because everyone was fed up with his bullshit. Seemed the most likely scenario to Leo.

He scrunched the page into a crumpled ball before casting a quick incendio charm and obliterating the offensive message from existence. “Myffi likes you,” he began in a quiet voice,”I want to like you too, Russell-I really do. But it’s like you said, sometimes friendships just don’t make sense. So I’m going to give you another chance to write something nice and sappy. Maybe this time you can focus on your own life for inspiration. I know this is hard for you, being such a loner and all, but even you must have a crush, or I don’t know- like a friend- you can say something sweet about?”

  • Can't we skip this part? - Russell, Mon Jan 14 19:57
    “Wait uh that’s not what I-- what--” Stammering profusely, he did not try to stop flinching away from Leo, which was just as well because he sure didn’t succeed - not when the other boy straightened... more
    • I always follow through - Leo, Wed Jan 16 07:55
      • I rarely do - Russell, Wed Jan 16 18:05
        Not done was apparently the answer, since Leo’s reaction was to tear down his card and threaten to punch him. He flinched away, a thousand percent expecting the other boy to throw the paper in his... more
        • Time to try it - Leo, Thu Jan 17 07:29
          For one heart pounding moment Leo thought Russell was going to cry. Leo was no stranger to confrontation, one might even suggest he sought it out, but tears were a territory less travelled. Leo had... more
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