Time to try it
Thu Jan 17, 2019 07:29

For one heart pounding moment Leo thought Russell was going to cry. Leo was no stranger to confrontation, one might even suggest he sought it out, but tears were a territory less travelled. Leo had only just become comfortable comforting his tear prone siblings. The growth of this skill could be credited almost entirely to Eugene’s increasing presence in his daily life. Only last Tuesday Leo had consoled him over the sorry existence of a beetle cursed to be repeatedly transfigured into a button- a lacklustre existence, they had both agreed, lacking true nobility.

A crying Russell (who, really, was much too old to be bawling in public because a fifth year had spoken to him plainly) would be a challenge. What was the correct response to an emotionally distressed enemy? Leo couldn’t find satisfaction in tears but his pride would not allow him to comfort the man-child. He cleared his throat loudly, hoping to shock Russell out of his depressed state, but he needn’t have bothered. It had been a false alarm. Russell was just one of those unfortunate people who appeared on the verge of collapsing inward whenever he was forced to have any internal turmoil.

To Leo’s great surprise Russell had managed to form actual words. Words that contained actual content. Words that might even be described as defensive. Had Leo not been so committed to his decision to dislike Russell he would have been proud but instead he choose to be sceptical. Boyfriend? Yeah, right, where’d he live- Canada?

“I do,” Russell insisted, perhaps sensing Leo’s disbelief, and to Leo’s immense surprise he found himself nodding suddenly inclined to believe the weirdo.

“OK, well that’s great. Good for you,” Leo said, awkwardly pumping his fist in the air. Was he supposed to express greater interest, maybe ask questions? Did Russell enjoy people interrogating him about his personal life? Probably. Leo suspected people rarely showed any interest in Russell other than to tell him off for being too tall. “Anyone I know?” Leo eventually inquired, feeling exceedingly generous for throwing this scrap of humanity toward the bird-brained head boy.

Leo didn’t really feel like accepting Russell’s apology and was even less inclined to offer one of his own so he allowed Russell’s repentant word’s to hang in the air. Sure it was nice being in a relationship but nice was a rather underwhelming word to use to describe your significant other. Ice-cream on a Sunday was nice someone, like Myffi and Russell’s mystery boyfriend, choosing to put up with poorly functioning humans, like Leo and Russell, was a much more marvellous, and frankly miraculous, turn of events. His face adopting a bemused expression he held his hand out for the card, “If nice is the best you can come up with to describe your boyfriend then I don’t think you have a talent for the written word.”

  • I rarely do - Russell, Wed Jan 16 18:05
    Not done was apparently the answer, since Leo’s reaction was to tear down his card and threaten to punch him. He flinched away, a thousand percent expecting the other boy to throw the paper in his... more
    • Time to try it - Leo, Thu Jan 17 07:29
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