She’s not so good with secrets
Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:55

Elliot hadn’t understood enough of his interactions with Joey to tell whether the other guy was as “ever so sweet” as Gigi said. He and Joey had worked together a few times in class, because it was a small enough school that you couldn’t make it through almost a whole term without meeting every single person a couple of times, but after working with Joey, Elliot always felt like he’d been kicked in the head by a kangaroo. He shrugged in an if-you-say-so kind of way.

In two-second retrospect, Elliot was one hundred percent sure from the look on her face that Gigi was going to tell her roommate what he’d said as soon as she saw Violet. Welp. Elliot wasn’t shy about liking someone—this wasn’t even a crush, because if it was, he would have just told her. Secretly liking someone was one kind of suspense Elliot could do without; he’d rather just say something—but again, Violet was volatile. If she was going to want to Talk About It then Elliot would rather not.

Her and Gigi’s room sounded like a prankster battlezone, which shouldn’t have been surprising about an Aquila dormitory but wasn’t anything like what Elliot and Grayson’s room was like. It sounded more like Elliot’s house on April Fool’s Day, when you were likely to find Trip Jinxes on the stairs (with some kind of magical cushion at the bottom) or chicken soup in the showerhead. Last year, someone—none of them had fessed up to it—had put enchanted googly eyes on just about everything in the house. It seemed like a low-key prank until they realized that the eyes could move themselves, so even when you thought you were safe, you might suddenly find a pair blinking up at you from the toilet paper roll.

Grayson and Elliot’s room wasn’t like that, but it wasn’t quiet. Grayson was a curious Draco-y kind of person, but he went about it in the most Aquila-y way possible. Elliot didn’t know where his roommate’s good versus evil alignment fell yet (probably good or neutral just because Grayson didn’t seem like a total sociopath), but Grayson was definitely at the chaotic end of the spectrum, as far away from lawful as you could possibly get. But he got a lot of Elliot’s references, which was a lot to ask at a wizarding school—Elliot was lucky enough to have a roommate who was also raised Muggle. He didn’t even mind too much when Grayson randomly asked weird magical theory questions that literally no one else could have ever come up with when Elliot was trying to fall asleep.

“Quiet?” Elliot laughed. “Big old nope to that. Mostly it’s just him going ‘Hey, what if…?’ and then suggesting something totally insane that we should try, For Science.” If his words had been closed captioned, the last two would have been capitalized. “Like, ‘hey, if you Splinched in half could someone use magic to grow both halves back like a starfish and you’d be your own twin?’ or ‘hey, when you Apparate are all your atoms destroyed and recreated, or does it just move them?’” Elliot might have been paraphrasing, but it really sounded like a Classic Grayson Question.

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    Elliot’s comment about Joey made Gigi laugh. Not just a snort or a huff or a chuckle, but a proper, gleeful cackle of sheer joy. “Yeah,” she agreed in a voice pitched high with mirth, “The first time ... more
    • She’s not so good with secrets - Elliot, Sat Jan 19 10:55
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