Unfortunately it's not the end
Sun Nov 26, 2017 21:23

The way Jaws was going at the gumdrop, it seemed like he hadn’t eaten in days. This was, of course, very untrue, because Russell had already fed him not once but three times today: a couple raisins and some bran flakes at breakfast, the corner of his grilled cheese at lunch, and the odd pumpkin seed throughout classes in between. In other words, whenever the black mouse hadn’t been fast asleep napping in his pocket, Jaws had been constantly eating.

It was a good thing he was such an adorable eater. Even though Russell was much more on edge right now than he usually was during Jaws’ miniature and frequent mealtimes, thanks to the giant hairy spider that may or may not have actually been watching them but sure made him feel like it was, the teenager could still appreciate how efficiently Jaws devoured the gumdrop. It was, like, as big as the mouse’s head, and yet vanished a nibble at the time, furry cheeks bulging with each new bite. Soon enough, the entire gumdrop had disappeared between the two cheeks - presumably some winding up in the mouth or stomach or whatever, too, but the cheeks quite obviously dominated any other part of the mouse for the moment.

The mouse’s whiskers twitched as he sniffed in the direction of Kit, the Bearer of Gumdrops, as if expecting a second. Russell shook his head a little and stroked a finger down the soft black back. Considering her fondness for humanizing the giant spider, and also just considering overall Kit’s tendencies to be… all over the place (he didn’t have to have interacted with her much to have figured out that bouncing off the walls was in her nature), he was almost impressed at how realistic she was in acknowledging that her precious baby spider would one day be a murderous adult spider. Almost. Because there was still a spider on the table.

Then Kit said something about her roommate being racist and Russell was confused again. In other words, he was back to normal. Marissa confused him often enough, and it was oddly reassuring (slash terrifying) to realize that even her baby sister could have the same effect on him. Oh dear. “Racist? Why would her being racist mean that the spi-- Darby has to stay in a tank? I mean, if she’s being racist to you, then shouldn’t Darlene be talked to by Mr. Tennant and punished or educated or something?” Educated seemed more likely. Mr. Tennant had a reputation for being easy to talk with and fond of peer mediation, though Russell hadn’t directly experienced those. Thank goodness, because if he’d been pressured to sit in the man’s office with, say, Ruben, and talk out whatever Ruben had against him… Well, that couldn’t have ended well. “And, also, isn’t it… safer for it, I mean him, to be in a tank anyways?”

Her plan to just keep feeding Darby in order to deter the spider from hunting Jaws made about the same level of sense to Russell as her whole racism tangent. Feeding the spider more would just mean it’d grow even bigger and subsequently pose a bigger threat to Jaws and the other critters at RMI. Russell couldn’t see how that would solve anything. He also couldn’t guess how bringing the question up to Kit would be taken. For all he knew, she’d commit herself to feeding the spider in order to make it grow faster in order to, like, ride it around like a big dog or whatever. Ugh. He shuddered at the thought.

He then tried to stop himself from shuddering more at Kit’s proclamation that his adorable mouse and her demonic spider could be “best friends”. He failed at this, but managed to keep himself from appearing like he was having a seizure, so that was at least progress of some sort. “Darby knows how to play fetch?” That was just asking for trouble. Fetch was all about, like, honing predatory instincts and stuff. Might as well just have the spider and Jaws play tag if that was the goal. Oh dear, again.

  • Digestion sounds more like a finish - Kit, Sat Nov 25 10:10
    Kit giggled as the mousie who was named Jaws took the gumdrop from her and started eating it. Mousies were so cute! Maybe she could have one, one day. Probably Marissa would like a mousie a little... more
    • Unfortunately it's not the end - Russell, Sun Nov 26 21:23
      • Let's enjoy the journey - Kit, Tue Nov 28 10:28
        “She’s racist against tarantulas ,” Kit said, with a tone of patient exasperation. It was a very simple thing to know and Kyle was older than her so he should definitely for sure know that. “Grandpa... more
        • I'd like to get off now, please - Russell, Thu Nov 30 22:05
          “She’s racist against tarantulas.” The first thing that Russell processed in this sentence was that Kit did not in fact have a pet spider, but a pet tarantula, which was literally infinite times... more
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