Let's enjoy the journey
Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:28

“She’s racist against tarantulas,” Kit said, with a tone of patient exasperation. It was a very simple thing to know and Kyle was older than her so he should definitely for sure know that. “Grandpa Garen talked to us when Darlene hit Darby,” she explained. “But he didn’t say Darlene was bad for being racist. Just that Darby needed to stay in his tank.”

By this point, Darby had crawled towards Kit until he was right next to her hand, so she gently petted him with one finger. His little fangs moved back and forth and Kit was pretty sure that meant he was happy. It was the same thing he did when she gave him a frozen mouse or some bugs, when he was really hungry. As Kit was petting him, Darby turned towards Kyle, then rubbed his two front legs together. Kit was pretty sure that meant that he was interested in what was going on. Darby sometimes did that in class, especially in Potions. Professor Rob thought that Darby was really cool but told Kit that she’d better not get any potion on him because he didn’t know how to fix tarantulas who had been potioned. That was fair. Grandpa Aaron didn’t mind Darby in his classes, and Kit was pretty sure Aunt Cindra wouldn’t mind but she usually thought it was too dangerous to bring Darby to Defense Against the Dark Arts.

“It’s not very dangerous to have him outside of his tank if I’m careful,” Kit said. “But it’s nice of you to worry about him! He’s mostly afraid of cats and Darlene. I’m pretty sure that if he were a crup he’d eat her homework ‘cause he hasn’t forgiven her for hitting him.” And it was true. Darby clicked his fangs at Darlene whenever he saw her, or skittered back into the little hide Kit had made just for him. Kit gently petted the tarantula again. He was the best pet, Kit was sure. Kyle probably thought his mousie was the best pet and Kit had to admit that the mousie was pretty cool, but Darby would still win in a best pet contest. “I haven’t tried playing fetch with him yet but we could totally do it right now if you want! Jaws and Darby could race!”

Darby rubbed his front two legs together and moved his fangs back and forth again. Kit giggled. It was clear that the tarantula liked the idea of playing fetch with Jaws. Maybe he was actually a super competitive racing tarantula! Were there tarantula races? That would be the coolest. Kit knew that there were dog races and horse races and probably magical creatures had races too, like centaurs probably did agility things although Kit wasn’t sure if centaurs were actually magical creatures because they were an awful lot like people and she wouldn’t call a wizard a magical creature. Yeah, a tarantula race would be awesome.

  • Unfortunately it's not the end - Russell, Sun Nov 26 21:23
    The way Jaws was going at the gumdrop, it seemed like he hadn’t eaten in days. This was, of course, very untrue, because Russell had already fed him not once but three times today: a couple raisins... more
    • Let's enjoy the journey - Kit, Tue Nov 28 10:28
      • I'd like to get off now, please - Russell, Thu Nov 30 22:05
        “She’s racist against tarantulas.” The first thing that Russell processed in this sentence was that Kit did not in fact have a pet spider, but a pet tarantula, which was literally infinite times... more
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