Oh, but don't forget the cat herself!
Wed Nov 29, 2017 23:40

Catapult the cat started licking him. This came as a huge surprise. It had never even occurred to Anssi that cats might lick people, because that seemed like such a dog thing to do and cats and dogs were supposed to be opposites, right? But regardless of what he had expected, he was now being licked by a cat. It felt a bit weird. Certainly more scratchy than being licked by a dog, although that wasn’t a bad thing necessarily and once he looked past the weirdness, the first-year could admit that the rough cat tongue did feel better than a wet slobbery dog tongue would. And the kitten was doing little licks over and over, instead of one big long slurp like a dog might. And it tickled. It tickled a lot. Anssi giggled.

Rumingtin explained that her kitten didn’t have much interest in eating anything belonging to humans - or, well, she didn’t say that specifically, but she did say that Catapult didn’t eat homework or human food, and that seemed to sum it up. What else could possibly appear edible to a cat? Clothes were an obvious no… Maybe erasers? But that seemed more like something a cat might chew on accidentally once and then spit out right away. Erasers had a gross taste. (He unfortunately knew this from experience, which was evident by the small bite marks on the ends of some of his pencils.)

Some of the ingredients in his potions kit, he suspected might be appealing to a cat, while still not really falling in the girl’s categories of ‘homework’ and ‘food’. But Anssi assumed that Catapult wouldn’t have been brought along to Potions class, so hopefully they would not have to find out what would happen if the kitten started eating some of the odd but good-smelling leaves or seeds from their ingredient sets. Because first of all, the Potions lab was a bit dangerous for humans, with fire and smoke everywhere and occasional explosions when someone wasn’t paying enough attention to their cauldron, and that seemed even more dangerous for such a tiny kitten to be climbing around. And second of all, but maybe more important than the first, Professor Rob had a big dog. A quiet dog, and not dangerous at all to humans as far as Anssi could tell, but a big one and possibly dangerous to cats.

He giggled again when the kitten leapt for his pencil and wiggled it again, sort of like tug-of-war, but making sure to wiggle it gently and not too far for Catapult to reach. Catapult was being very wriggly and not doing a good job of catching the pencil in her paws. Hopefully she was still having fun. “Nej, we have not any pets,” he answered Rimmentan. “Some years ago did we have a fish, but it died and Mamma was not wanting another one. It would be very nice to be having a pet that we can play with. But I think we will never have a cat, because Pappa is a clock-maker and clock-fixer and he is always having so many very small pieces in the house,” Anssi explained. His nose was itching again, and quickly he twisted his head to the side to sneeze away from the girl. “Sorry!” Wiping his nose on his sleeve, he thought about pets for a moment more before speaking up again. “Maybe a… frog? Or a big, coloured bird, one that sings very nice,” he suggested, unable to think of any birds by name that fit that description.

  • I think all of us are covered - Remington, Tue Nov 21 21:35
    Remington smiled very brightly, enjoying how happy Anssi was with Catapult. Once she got used to the fact that there was a stranger trying to hold her, even Catapult seemed happy about it. She didn’t ... more
    • Oh, but don't forget the cat herself! - Anssi, Wed Nov 29 23:40
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