Dade Farnon
We should clear up some misconceptions [Remington]
Thu Nov 30, 2017 20:08

After the beach party, Dade’s cold had taken a rather dramatic turn for the worse and he had eventually agreed to go see Medic Rocamboli, who gave him a Pepper-Up potion and ordered him to sleep. That had been easier said than done, because in the time that Dade had tried to get some rest to make himself feel better he had realized that almost all of his habits seemed to be the exact opposite of his roommates’. Maybe it was just the irritation that came from being sick, but everything Dade’s roommates did seemed to annoy him twelve times more than it usually did. Considering that Dade’s roommates bothered him by existing, suffice to say that he had found the entire affair very aggravating, which was probably bad for the progression of his cold. Even with the Pepper-Up potion, it had taken awhile for Dade to return to his normal, grumpy self.

While he was sick, Remington had been a really good friend. She had checked up on him and brought him things if they happened to be in the Diner together, and had even let him pet the cat she’d gotten over break. Kit had probably done her best to be a good friend, but Kit was annoying at the best of times and so Dade had very quickly told her to shove off and find something else to do, an order that the redhead seemed perfectly happy to comply with. When she wasn’t hanging around with Remington and Dade, Kit tended to spend time with her cousin and her spider that seemed creepily intelligent. Dade would swear up and down that the arachnid actually understood what was going on sometimes, and that just creeped him out. Dade liked spiders well enough, but when it came to Kit’s, something was just not right.

Now that Dade was - tenuously - better, Remy had asked him if they could talk about something in one of their normal spots in the library. It was a spot they’d found by accident, but if you moved books in the right way, one of the shelves shifted to the side and opened up a little nook just big enough two people to sit across from each other. It was in a section of books with contents that were aimed at older students doing specific research into some very questionable topics, which meant that it was one of the sections that Dade had gravitated towards almost immediately. He didn’t understand everything that was in the books that they found, but between him and Remy they could usually figure something useful out. Not always something they could use immediately, but some things that Dade was keeping in the back of his mind for later, when they were older. He had contemplated approaching Ruben Lundqvist, since he had it on good authority (Alice Lemont) that he had transferred from Durmstrang, but Dade was pretty sure that Rose would be really mad if she found out about him asking Ruben about anything, since everyone in the entire school knew (thanks to Heather Bartel) that something had happened between Ruben and Marissa, and Rose was the sort of person who would probably literally murder someone for the people she cared about.

Dade squeezed through the hole in between the bookshelves, then carefully shifted the moving one back to its original place so that Remington could come in when she got there, but so that other people wouldn’t know where they were. For all the time that Dade spent in the library, it was nice to have someplace where he could hide and have nobody know where to find him, even if they knew to look in the library. Well, nobody but Remington, and she didn’t count because he was always okay with her finding him.

The bookshelf shifted to the side again and Dade looked up from where he was sitting cross-legged on the floor. “Hey,” he greeted his friend, then waited for her to sit down. “What did you want to talk about?”

Takes place after the beach party, before Myffi’s breakfast

    • I just needed some time first - Remington Burnham, Tue Dec 12 15:06
      It sucked to not know what was going on. Remington loved knowledge. She needed to know what was going on all of the time. The Draco liked knowing what problems were in front of her, and she took... more
      • I guess it's go time - Dade, Fri Dec 22 09:02
        Wait what? Dade blinked and looked at Remington. Everything seemed normal. She was wearing one of her bows, as usual - this one had a twitching tail - and they were in their library spot as usual,... more
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