Remington Burnham
I just needed some time first
Tue Dec 12, 2017 15:06

It sucked to not know what was going on. Remington loved knowledge. She needed to know what was going on all of the time. The Draco liked knowing what problems were in front of her, and she took great pleasure in finding solutions. At first, she hadn’t thought there was a problem. Even though Connor said that Dade was mad at her, Remington didn’t think it was true. She and Dade were close enough that they would have talked about it. So, she ignored it. She told Rose a quick thank you and sorry for Catapult being on the table (but not to Connor because he’d been rude about it; Rose had at least been gentle). The kitten was exactly that, a kitten, and while Remington was leash training her, she still had a long way to go.

But, in true know-it-all fashion, she started to overthink. Connor had no reason to lie. He and Dade didn’t really get along, but that didn’t mean Connor would deliberately say something untrue. However, it explained a little bit of what was going on. Dade had been a little distant since midterm, and even grumpier than usual. She couldn’t think of ways to cheer him up, either. At this point, she was considering asking the upperclassman Ruben to teach her some spells she could show Dade. She was this close to joining the dueling club.

She also knew that Dade had been sick recently, which could easily be a contributing factor. When they did get to hang out, he seemed to really enjoy Catapult and things seemed almost normal. Still, she could tell something was different, and the longer she thought about it, the more she accidentally convinced herself that Connor was telling the truth. Dade must be mad at her.

The Draco waited for her friend to feel better before asking him to meet her in their favorite Library spot so they could chat. She wasn’t one to just let things build up like this. If she’d believed Connor the day he said it, she would’ve found Dade right away and asked him if it was true. Since it took so long for her to figure out that it must be true, she’d even started to feel a little anxious. She sighed and paced outside of the entrance to their library spot a few times, assuming that Dade made it there before her. Fingers twisted nervously around kinky brown curls, which were held back by a cheshire cat bow with a twitching tail, and after a few moments, she walked in.

“Hey. What did you want to talk about?”

“Hey,” Remington smoothed her yellow ruffled skirt, where the fabric fell just at the knees when she sat down. “I, um, I’m sorry.” She smiled a little sheepishly. “For whatever I did to make you mad at me. Connor said that I made you angry, and that’s why we haven’t been spending as much time together lately. You’re my best friend, and I don’t… I feel bad.” Her fingers curled over the edges of the sleeves of her grey long sleeved shirt, which were a little too long, and looked at Dade with slight trepidation. “Tell me what I did wrong, and I can apologize for real. Okay? Because I’m sure whatever I did, I didn’t mean it.”

  • After the beach party, Dade’s cold had taken a rather dramatic turn for the worse and he had eventually agreed to go see Medic Rocamboli, who gave him a Pepper-Up potion and ordered him to sleep.... more
    • I just needed some time first - Remington Burnham, Tue Dec 12 15:06
      • I guess it's go time - Dade, Fri Dec 22 09:02
        Wait what? Dade blinked and looked at Remington. Everything seemed normal. She was wearing one of her bows, as usual - this one had a twitching tail - and they were in their library spot as usual,... more
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