I guess it's go time
Fri Dec 22, 2017 09:02

Wait what?

Dade blinked and looked at Remington. Everything seemed normal. She was wearing one of her bows, as usual - this one had a twitching tail - and they were in their library spot as usual, but Remington was definitely saying some things that didn’t make sense. He hadn’t been mad at her at all. Things had been kind of hard since his talk with Holland and Dade had kept more to himself than usual, maybe, but that was different than being mad. And Connor had said he was angry? That didn’t make any sense at all because Dade wasn’t angry. And that meant Connor was a lier, which was not something Connor usually did but he did do sometimes so it wasn’t entirely out of the question.

“I’m not mad,” Dade said, although annoyance was plain in his tone. Stupid Connor and his stupid issues. “Connor just doesn’t like that we’re friends and he’s a whiny baby right now because Marley Chapman is really into him or something and he’s dating Claudia.”

When Connor had told Dade about the Marley thing, the second-year had promised not to tell anyone else but firstly, this was Remington and it didn’t count, and secondly, Connor deserved it for lying to Remington. Now, why Marley was into Connor was something that confused the living daylights out of Dade, because he was pretty sure that Connor wouldn’t be caught hanging out with Marley outside of class under any circumstances. Not that Connor tried to hang out with Marley in class, but she had managed to corner him a couple of times and Connor’s big thing was always being ‘polite’ even though he was a total asshole in private. Connor had never said as much, but Dade was pretty sure that he didn’t like Remington because she was not white. He had no proof, but that was his suspicion. Connor often said the same things about Marley, Skylar, and Remington, and as far as Dade was concerned that was the only thing the three girls had in common.

  • I just needed some time first - Remington Burnham, Tue Dec 12 15:06
    It sucked to not know what was going on. Remington loved knowledge. She needed to know what was going on all of the time. The Draco liked knowing what problems were in front of her, and she took... more
    • I guess it's go time - Dade, Fri Dec 22 09:02
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