Rose Farnon
I'll meet you there
Sat Dec 23, 2017 14:07

“Nerd.” Rose said, leaning across the table and putting her elbows firmly on the pages of Danny’s textbooks, then resting her chin on her open palms. Her flower-petal necklace swung forward. “You know, most people read one book at a time. I hear it’s more efficient.”

Spending evenings in the library was something that Rose Farnon was accustomed to doing, just like spending her mornings in the rec center. It was part of her schedule, at least when she didn’t have Quidditch practise. There were library regulars - Dade, Remington, and Kit sometimes appeared, only to disappear into the stacks; Marilyn Hamelink had her own corner that nobody else dared disturb and the first-year who wore a head scarf was often found curled up on one of the chairs with a book. Most students visited the library once in awhile, to escape the commons or their roommates while they got some homework done. Towards exam time, the library was often packed full of panicking third and seventh years, cramming as much information into their brains as they could. But it wasn’t quite exam crunch time yet, so the library was relatively quiet.

Since Danny would be about a year early getting started on studying for his exams - and that seemed quite unlike him - Rose figured there was a different reason for his sudden recurring appearance in the space. She hadn’t bothered him about it until now, mostly because she had been wrapped up in some extra work she was doing for Spellwork. Part of the reason Rose was spending so much time working with Professor McKindy was because she wanted him to write her a glowing recommendation when it came time for that sort of thing, but she also genuinely wanted to get ahead. Sometimes she understood things more quickly than her classmates in Spellwork and got bored in class; it was nice to have something relevant to do in those class-time gaps.

But her extra work had wrapped up for the moment and she didn’t really want to work on the stuff for Defense because she was still annoyed at Marissa’s aunt for how she was bastardizing the subject. So instead of being productive, Rose had found her attention wandering towards Danny, who she had passed earlier on her way to her favourite study spot. She wasn’t sure if he had seen her. Rose hadn’t waved, and Danny had kind of looked a little bit spaced out.

“What’s with the recent library stakeout anyway? Are your extracurricular activities,” Rose wiggled blonde eyebrows suggestively, “making your marks drop?”

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    • I'll meet you there - Rose Farnon, Sat Dec 23 14:07
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