We could take a picnic
Tue Dec 26, 2017 09:50

Despite his fragmented mental state, Danny couldn’t help but laugh when Rose has the audacity to call him a nerd. “Takes one to know one,” he returned, sitting back in his seat to reclaim the physical distance between them. Normally he would agree that it was a more coherent practice to read one book at a time, but on this occasion Danny wasn’t interested in each text in its entirety: three books spread open before him each had a slightly different interpretation, and variations in the supporting data presented, on whether wizards should manage Muggle imports in case of concealed magical artefacts. It was easier to compare when they were all open together at once.

“What’s with the recent library stakeout anyway? Are your extracurricular activities making your marks drop?”

Danny laughed again. Perhaps Rose was far enough removed from his internal conflict - despite being Marissa’s best friend and likely to inflict some permanent damage to him if he hurt her in any way - or perhaps he just needed someone to make him laugh, but he felt it easier to relax than he would have imagined, considering how confused he’d been moment prior. “You wish,” he teased. Being very almost as good as Rose in class was probably excellent incentive for her to keep pushing herself; if Danny’s grades started to drop she’d find it easier to shine. “But you and I both know my study schedule wasn’t that hectic to start with.”

Spending more time with Marissa had, admittedly, caused him to cut down on just about everything - studies, spending time as a group or with other friends, extra Quidditch drills, sleeping - but all in small quantities so it was not very noticeable. It wasn’t as if he spent no time with Marissa before they were dating. It also wasn’t as if Danny studied a lot by habit: more than some, perhaps, but definitely less than Rose. He was a straight-O student by barely trying; the classes that he’d struggled with, he had dropped. Obviously he couldn’t avoid doing any work, as demonstrated by his current cultural studies assignment, but he supposed when he had worked mostly in Lyra, that would not have been apparent to Rose.

“Lyra seems to be a distracting place these days,” he commented, sounding almost completely normal. “Probably something to do with this particularly loud first year - you might know her. Bright red hair, carries around a tarantula, nearly unseated you last Quidditch game.” He grinned again. It wasn’t fair to blame all the Lyra distraction and commotion on Kit, but she’d definitely earned a mention.

  • I'll meet you there - Rose Farnon, Sat Dec 23 14:07
    “Nerd.” Rose said, leaning across the table and putting her elbows firmly on the pages of Danny’s textbooks, then resting her chin on her open palms. Her flower-petal necklace swung forward. “You... more
    • We could take a picnic - Dardanius, Tue Dec 26 09:50
      • How do you 'take' a picnic? - Rose, Sun Dec 31 10:27
        It would have been pretty easy, Rose was sure, to be in the top group in her classes without much studying. Danny did it, after all, and she certainly wasn’t dumber than Danny Dubois. But there was a ... more
        • Rose’s theory that Kit has been aiming for Ruben was plausible. Partly because Kit did seem to have a personal vendetta against Ruben, at least when he was on a broomstick, and partly because it was... more
          • What's the part where you eat it? - Rose, Tue Jan 2 20:33
            With a smirk, Rose pushed her hair out of her face. Yes, Marissa did have her for that. She had threatened Danny about Marissa enough for him to understand that, even if he’d managed to miss the... more
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