Never give in!
Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:25

Apparently this girl tried to read a new book every week, which Dade found interesting. He wasn’t a big reader, but he wasn’t not a big reader either. He mostly read what was interesting to him, and what tended to be interesting to him tended to be weird for other people. In general, Dade was interested in magic (curses, obviously) but also in the occult. Ghosts and things. He couldn’t wait to be able to start Divinations. Of course, the Muggles had a lot of things about the ‘occult’ wrong - like a lot of their perceptions on ghosts - but they could still be interesting reads. Muggle “magick” religions also appealed to him in some ways and he was looking forward to exploring that more at RMI. At home, whenever his father caught him reading something like that he incinerated the book immediately, sometimes while Dade was still holding it.

“I’m looking for a book on curses or jinxes or something,” the dark-haired boy admitted, shifting his hazel eyes away from his fellow first-year. “I want to turn my roommates’ teeth into jelly. Or something like that.” he added. He wasn’t sure if teeth-into-jelly was an actual curse, or if there was just something similar. “I don’t like them,” Dade added, by way of explanation.

Since the girl was looking for books but didn’t particularly care what sort of books, Dade wondered if she’d like to look together. Maybe they could find a really cool book on beginner’s jinxes and curses or something like that, and then they could practice on each other. Or just learn it together. Or something. Dade was pretty lonely at school. He couldn’t be around his big sister all the time because she had other people to hang out with and he didn’t want to bother her, but the youngest Farnon had never been particularly adept at making friends so he spent more time alone than not.

“We could look together, if you want.” Dade said.

  • We will never give up! - Remington, Wed Jan 18 08:54
    There was a moment where Remington wasn’t sure if the boy was going to try to argue her or not. Then, he apologized. The Draco smiled a little. She was absolutely relieved at the apology. While she... more
    • Never give in! - Dade, Wed Jan 18 10:25
      • Her brown eyes were back to skimming over the shelves when the boy gave her a very honest answer. “I’m looking for a book on curses or jinxes or something. I want to turn my roommates’ teeth into... more
        • Well thankfully I'm not French - Dade, Thu Jan 19 06:41
          The girl seemed to take what he said well, which Dade was relieved by. He had figured that admitting to wanting to do mean things to your roommates was probably not a good thing, but she seemed to be ... more
          • There are French people in Galaxy Quest?? - Remington, Fri Jan 20 19:08
            Dade seemed like a much more normal name than Remington. The first year didn’t mind her name too much. Sometimes she felt it was perfect for her; sometimes, it felt like it was too much. She rarely... more
            • As Remington read, Dade peered over her shoulder, following along. He snorted when they came to the incantation. Locomotor wibbly ? What? The eleven year old had never seen something that stupid in... more
              • I have nothing against the French. - Remington, Sun Jan 29 10:27
                Remington held back another snicker, still stuck on the silly incantation. From what she could tell, Dade didn’t want to hurt him roommates. He wanted to intimidate them. It was like how cats would... more
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