Brynjolf Nilssen
Are you sure this is a study sesh?
Sat Dec 30, 2017 18:52

Bryn wasn’t one for late night studying. He felt as though he really didn’t retain anything when it came down to it and so he’d stopped trying shortly after his second year. Of course that was also around the time he’d become serious about being the absolute best that he could be in his academics. When Norah showed up to RMI, he was certain that any achievements that he made would be long forgotten. It only made sense to him that he needed to prove himself in the eyes of his parents before his little sister overshadowed him with all her stellar “talents”. She was still little and apparently that meant that she was completely perfect at everything she did. Brynjolf thought it was rubbish.

So far, taking a whole six classes and a special interest in the healing segment that Rocky Mountain offered was proving to be a bit much. Therefore, late night studying had become a necessity. It didn’t mean he liked it, but if he wanted to keep his grades at the lowest an acceptable it was the only way to go. Shuffling quietly through the library at some period of time that made sure he was one of the only ones there, Bryn held back a yawn as he searched for a particular book that he needed for Spellwork. Finding that it was not on the self, the fourth-year frowned. That wasn’t normally one that got checked out, but it was possible that it either had been borrowed or someone hadn’t shelved it.

With a sigh, the Draco started checking various stacks of books on tables waiting to be whisked back to their proper places. The desired book didn’t turn up (although he had found a particular one to help him with an essay for Ancient Runes) so the boy made his way back towards his usual nook of the library with an armful of books. There was a quiet shuffle from one of the few students in the area, but he ignored them. Sliding the books on an empty table, the Nord took a cursory glance around.

There was a pile of books on a table that he hadn’t checked for the book yet, so he moved over to it. As he got closer, he could tell that there was someone at the table, although he couldn’t understand why they weren’t really visible. Upon arriving directly next to the table, the blonde couldn’t help but quirk a smile at the person who had literally fallen asleep ontop of a book. He couldn’t really tell, but some of the books looked to be for a younger year. Reaching out, he gently shook the girl’s shoulder.

“Hey,” he whispered quietly, not wanting to startle her. While he wanted to see if she had the book, he also knew how uncomfortable she would be if she didn’t get to sleep in her own bed. The tables at the library were not the comfiest thing to sleep on and he could remember more than once where he wished someone had woken him. When the girl stirred, he held a finger to his lips to shush her if she freaked. “You know,” he said, upon her waking. “It’s much more comfortable to sleep in a bed, instead of on these books.”

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    • Are you sure this is a study sesh? - Brynjolf Nilssen, Sat Dec 30 18:52
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