How do you 'take' a picnic?
Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:27

It would have been pretty easy, Rose was sure, to be in the top group in her classes without much studying. Danny did it, after all, and she certainly wasn’t dumber than Danny Dubois. But there was a difference between high marks and perfect marks, and Rose would always strive for perfection. Danny, on the other hand, seemed perfectly happy putting forth a minimal amount of effort for his disproportionately high marks. It was something she’d rib Danny about and it mostly didn’t bother her, but sometimes when Rose had an especially busy day or week and she ran into Danny doing - well, whatever it was that Danny did that wasn’t being productive - she felt a little resentful. But at the end of the day she was sure that her extra work was worth it. Danny might have been perfectly happy to live on his family’s money until he got his own career started, but Rose wanted full autonomy as immediately as possible, which meant getting a full scholarship to university.

“Hold up,” Rose said, pushing herself off the table and plopping into the seat across from Danny. “Katherine Kendrick did not almost unseat me in the last Quidditch match. And I’m pretty sure she was aiming for Ruben,” the sixth-year added dryly. Marissa had told her that she had promised Kit a puffskein if she knocked Ruben off his broom. Rose was unsure how that arrangement had changed now that Kit had Darby. She supposed that also might have changed because Kit had apparently managed to headbutt Ruben directly where Ruben didn’t want to get headbutted, which (in Rose’s opinion) was a better job than hitting him with a Bludger. Kit had gotten a concussion out of it, but she seemed to be okay in the long run. Or at least, not more insane than she was to begin with. Rose wondered if Danny had heard about that.

“Did Marissa tell you that Kit smacked him in the crotch during that all-years Defense lesson?” Rose grinned. She knew that Danny was much less irritated by the appearance of Cindra Embers than she was, although he had preferred lessons with Ivy. That was typical of Danny; he took everything less seriously than she did. It was only overwhelmingly irritating sometimes. “She’s really got it out for him. I guess messing with Marissa means getting Kit on your case now too.”

  • We could take a picnic - Dardanius, Tue Dec 26 09:50
    Despite his fragmented mental state, Danny couldn’t help but laugh when Rose has the audacity to call him a nerd. “Takes one to know one,” he returned, sitting back in his seat to reclaim the... more
    • How do you 'take' a picnic? - Rose, Sun Dec 31 10:27
      • Rose’s theory that Kit has been aiming for Ruben was plausible. Partly because Kit did seem to have a personal vendetta against Ruben, at least when he was on a broomstick, and partly because it was... more
        • What's the part where you eat it? - Rose, Tue Jan 2 20:33
          With a smirk, Rose pushed her hair out of her face. Yes, Marissa did have her for that. She had threatened Danny about Marissa enough for him to understand that, even if he’d managed to miss the... more
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