Pack a basket. Go to a place. Take a picnic.
Sun Dec 31, 2017 22:44

Rose’s theory that Kit has been aiming for Ruben was plausible. Partly because Kit did seem to have a personal vendetta against Ruben, at least when he was on a broomstick, and partly because it was unsettlingly common for Kit to hit a person who was not her intended target. She had improved massively since the starter of term, but there was still a way to go before he could be confident in predicting her Bludger’s trajectory.

“Did Marissa tell you that Kit smacked him in the crotch during that all-years Defense lesson?” Rose asked. Instinctively Danny sniggered, because yes, Marissa had told him, and he’d been delighted to hear it. Admittedly he had been feeling more anti-Ruben at the time than he was feeling in the current conversation - understanding that several of the reasons he didn’t like Ruben had more to do with Danny than with the Swede has made it easier for the Lyra to get along with the Aquila - but even right now Danny would still find it entertaining that Marissa’s first year sister had injured Ruben, especially in that particular region. “I guess messing with Marissa means getting Kit on your case now too.”

“Marissa already has you for that,” Danny pointed out. Also the rest of Marissa’s extended family, and Danny himself. Although he supposed he wouldn’t be able to inflict vengeance on himself if he ever did anything particularly stupid where Marissa was concerned, like perhaps telling a mutual friends that he was attacked to them. However as Danny was never planning on speaking about this to anyone - least of all Rose - and he suspected that Holland would likewise stay silent on the matter, this should hopefully be a moot point. He would certainly never intentionally hurt Marissa, but he suspected Rose would not consider that a relevant distinction. The same could probably be said for Kit. “Are you training her to be your understudy? Because I can tell you from experience that Kit doesn’t follow directions like a person with an attention span.”

  • How do you 'take' a picnic? - Rose, Sun Dec 31 10:27
    It would have been pretty easy, Rose was sure, to be in the top group in her classes without much studying. Danny did it, after all, and she certainly wasn’t dumber than Danny Dubois. But there was a ... more
    • Pack a basket. Go to a place. Take a picnic. - Danny, Sun Dec 31 22:44
      • What's the part where you eat it? - Rose, Tue Jan 2 20:33
        With a smirk, Rose pushed her hair out of her face. Yes, Marissa did have her for that. She had threatened Danny about Marissa enough for him to understand that, even if he’d managed to miss the... more
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