What's the part where you eat it?
Tue Jan 2, 2018 20:33

With a smirk, Rose pushed her hair out of her face. Yes, Marissa did have her for that. She had threatened Danny about Marissa enough for him to understand that, even if he’d managed to miss the previous six years of her relationship with Marissa. The two girls had literally been best friends since the very first night at RMI, when Marissa had excitedly told Rose that there were secret passageway in the school. They had been inseparable in class, on the Quidditch field, and at meals. Not much had changed since their first year, and it was with a little bit of uneasiness in her stomach that Rose realized that was going to have to change soon. College was going to change things.

Rose had perfect marks. She was a Prefect, on the Quidditch team, in Dueling Club, and had a job. Her recommendations were going to be stellar. It was likely that she would get into most of the schools she applied to. The Aquila wasn’t stupid enough to think that she was a shoe-in for all of the schools (she was planning on applying to Harvard, at least) but she knew that she stood a good chance. Marissa’s marks, on the other hand, were what she described as ‘fine’ - As and Es. Rose wasn’t going to judge her best friend on her marks, even though she personally would probably have had a panic attack if she ever even got an E, but Marissa definitely wasn’t...Harvard material.

But that was a later problem, not a now problem.

“That’s the part that makes her scarier than me,” Rose said. “I’m predictable, at least. Kit is a menace. All you have to do is give her an idea and she will fling herself at it with more energy than is ever required for anything. And she’ll apparently just take out the nearest sixth-year in her way doing it.”

If there was anything that Rose had learned from Dueling Club, it was that the younger years were sometimes the more dangerous opponents. The older students knew how to do things in a specific way - for the most part. Some of what set Rose (and Ruben) apart from other duelists was that they were less predictable. The younger years often didn’t have the breadth spell knowledge that the older students did - although Dade’s pool of questionable spells seemed to be getting suspiciously large - but they did have irregular control of their magic and sometimes that was worse. Kit didn’t just have irregular control of her magic: she seemed to have irregular control over everything she did.

  • Rose’s theory that Kit has been aiming for Ruben was plausible. Partly because Kit did seem to have a personal vendetta against Ruben, at least when he was on a broomstick, and partly because it was... more
    • What's the part where you eat it? - Rose, Tue Jan 2 20:33
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