Marley Chapman
Study buddies! [Claudia]
Thu Jan 25, 2018 23:27

Marley had a song stuck in her head. That wasn’t exactly abnormal because she was, like, constantly listening to music, especially over school breaks, with Mum cranking up the volume in their truck so notes came streaming out the windows and Dad pulling CDs out of his pocket after a long day clearing spare copies from the radio station. But today’s earworm (and wasn’t that a funny expression? Musical worms in your ear?) was a little unusual. It was the main track on the EP by Terrifying Brain Straws, a super electronic-sounding band, which was unique in the magical music sphere. And it had such a jivey-yet-paralyzing rhythm! Good thing she couldn’t imitate it perfectly, or else it might affect the people around her.

Humming loudly, on beat but not entirely in tune, the curly-haired girl skipped down the hallway clutching her pack to her chest. Marley had tried just carrying it on her back at first, but skipping while a backpack was hanging off your shoulders was really uncomfortable because it thwacked around and made her feel off-balance if she turned a corner too fast. Holding it tight to her front was way more stable.

It might’ve been a mistake, but it was only the start of classes and Marley wasn’t gonna actually call it a mistake yet, but still it was clearly not the best of decisions, because she had signed up to take eight whole classes this year. Being able to choose which classes to take was both great and not great. It had been so hard to decide what she wanted to continue on with! And now they had electives to pick from, too! After consulting with her mum, Holland, her not-uncle-but-calling-him-uncle-is-easier Lorne, her roommate Alice and by extension Kateri, her dad who knew nothing about magic but wanted to be involved anyways, her actual-uncle Aaron who also knew nothing about magic but was a real scientist and super smart, and Holland again, she had finally decided on classes.

Now she was taking almost all of the cores (although she was still debating whether it had been a good idea to drop Defense Against the Dark Arts, because the new professor had been really fun even if Marley didn’t feel like she had learned a lot about Defense from her) and half of the electives (Magical Sciences because that was a smart choice and Divinations because that was totally interesting). Which was why her backpack was so heavy in general and right now in particular, because they already had a revision test coming up in Cultural Studies and a paper due next week for History of Magic and her first Divinations assignment and they would probably be starting new star charts in two nights’ time at Astronomy, too. And that meant a lot of books to reference. Fortunately RMI had a giant library, so she didn’t have to buy all the books, but she still had to carry some of them back and forth when she felt like working in her dorm.

That was why she was going back to the library now - to return A Comprehensive History of the Goblin Rebellions, volume twelve: 1650 to 1783 and see if she could find a copy of Tarot Cards and Crystal Balls: How Muggles Got It Wrong. Marley managed to extricate the history volume without much drama and put it in the book return, and then started off on her book-searching quest. She’d barely rounded a few shelves, though, before spotting Claudia. Her friend seemed to be working alone, and Marley didn’t want to disturb her, but also it had been forever since they hung out properly!

“Claudia!” she whisper-called, white teeth flashing in a broad smile as she hurried over and plunked herself down into a chair nearby. “How are you? How’s your first week of fourth-year going? It feels so busy; I can’t believe we already have our first Cultural Studies test. Professor Blair must really not trust that we remember anything from last year,” she giggled. Setting her backpack on her knees and unzipping it, Marley pulled out her binder while continuing on cheerfully, “Mind if I join you for a bit?” It would probably make more sense to ask that before making herself too comfortable, but they were best friends, so she knew that of course Claudia wouldn’t mind.

    • I'll concede the study part - Claudia Dubois, Fri Jan 26 14:37
      So far fourth year was just as terrible as Claudia had imagined it would be. An optimist might argue that they were not yet two weeks into term, and that was plenty of time for the situation to... more
      • Less studying, more buddying, please - Marley, Sat Jan 27 01:26
        “Awesome!” Flipping open her book, she started digging around in her backpack again in search of a pen, but then she stopped because it occurred to her a bit too late that Claudia didn’t sound quite... more
        • I'm working on it - Claudia, Mon Jan 29 08:27
          She probably ought not to have been surprised that Marley didn’t know she was taking runes - considering Claudia hadn’t spoken to her to tell her - yet somehow the realization that they didn’t know... more
          • But I'm always a step ahead of you - Marley, Tue Jan 30 22:05
            Marley was surprised at how short her friend’s list of classes was. How was Claudia only taking five? She was literally the smartest girl in their year, and probably smartest out of the year above,... more
            • In the wrong direction - Claudia, Wed Jan 31 14:39
              Claudia’s relief that Marley would accompany her to duelling club was short-lived, because only a moment later Marley changed her answer. Claudia would not be surprised if she physically drooped,... more
              • Can it be "wrong" when it's a circle? - Marley, Fri Feb 2 22:24
                The other girl started closing her books and looked like she was getting all ready to come along, and Marley’s grin widened at the sight. Yes, finally, they would get to hang out again and have some... more
                • Stir anitclockwise and find out - Claudia, Sun Feb 4 14:45
                  Marley supplied both possible answers to Claudia’s inquiry about her relationship with Teal, which was the only circumstance under which Claudia would welcome further details; Marley proceeded to... more
                  • Claudia answered that she hadn’t been dating anyone, and Marley hummed in acknowledgement, giving a sort of half-nod. She wasn’t entirely sure why she had nodded, though. Nods were normally an... more
                    • This isn't a shape, it's a mess - Claudia, Wed Feb 7 07:11
                      Claudia didn’t realize she had been holding her breath until Marley spoke, and the paler girl felt her chest tighten; she reminded herself to breathe and that helped lessen her physical discomfort.... more
                      • Just a minor maze - Marley, Sat Feb 10 01:26
                        Unrestricted? Marley seized on the word, feeling her hopes rise a little stronger. If Claudia thought that ‘her’ culture (whatever that was; coming from a mixed Mediterranean and South American and... more
                        • Show me to the exit - Claudia, Sat Feb 10 07:59
                          She didn’t know. How could a person not know if they were attracted to someone? Claudia would concede she was hardly an expert on the matter, but she thought she understood attraction. She had even... more
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