Less studying, more buddying, please
Sat Jan 27, 2018 01:26

“Awesome!” Flipping open her book, she started digging around in her backpack again in search of a pen, but then she stopped because it occurred to her a bit too late that Claudia didn’t sound quite as happy to see her as Marley was. Her smile wavered for a moment because that was… No, that was okay, or something she could explain, at least. She knew that she was the more excitable of them. And she had also caught Claudia in the middle of studying. Whoops. Oh, well, Claudia would just take a moment to recover from the interruption and then they’d be back to normal soon enough, she figured. It had taken a While originally for their friendship rhythm to become familiar, and in her perspective, Claudia being randomly hesitant or not really sociable was absolutely a part of that familiarity. It was all in their pattern, and it had been four whole years (okay, only three full years, technically) and Marley was used to it by now. Most of the time.

“Oooh, you’re taking Ancient Runes? I had no idea!” she exclaimed. Quietlyish, because they were in the library and it would be rude to disturb everyone sitting in hearing range, but it was an exclamation nonetheless. “I thought about signing up for it, but I’m already in two electives, Divinations and Magical Sciences - oh, duh, you already knew that.” Marley recalled her summer letters and laughed, more ish than quietly this time because laughing was an automatically louder noise. “Anyways, that seemed like enough electives for now. Maybe I can try it later, if I decide to switch out some other classes. My roommate Alice is in Ancient Runes, too. And so’s Teal! Have you worked with her at all?” She’d heard that some of the smartest seventh-years were in Runes, too. Hopefully the professor hadn’t made the new fourth-years work with them, for Claudia’s sake. Like, Holland was the best ever, but Ruben was probably just as scary writing runes as he was everywhere else.

She’d lucked out and only wound up in a couple of the same classes as Ruben, and they were also classes that his girlfriend was in so he didn’t seem quite as scary because they were kind of sort of a cute couple, in a black and pointy way. She had been much less fortunate with regards to Connor, who was in half of her classes. He hadn’t said anything particularly rude or racist or repulsive, yet, but despite normally being an optimist, Marley was holding very little hope that they would make it through the rest of the month without Connor blabbing his dumb brain around. On the opposite side, six of Marley’s eight classes were shared with Teal, and that was fantastic! It still felt a little bit awkward between them, at least to Marley, because she had some thoughts after her conversation(s) with Holland that she knew they should probably talk about but she didn’t want to yet, buuut at least she got to see Teal a lot.

Marley was really curious to hear if Claudia and Teal had partnered up at all in Ancient Runes, because that was one of the only classes she wasn’t taking with Teal and it made her curious - what was it like, having a class with someone when their girlfriend person they went on a date with once and maybe still liked but who knows wasn’t also in the class? Like, she didn’t think she acted much different in Cultural Studies, which was one class Teal wasn’t in, but also she couldn’t exactly get an outside view of her own behaviour. (She had learned that in Cultural Studies, ironically enough.) But Marley was also really curious to hear what else Claudia was taking, so added in an extra question. “And, what are some of the other classes you’re in? You never answered my letters - which is fine,” she cut in hastily, reassuringly, “I totally get it, summer is busy and Mister Sprockets isn’t very good at mail delivery yet - but at least we can talk about it now, without worrying about owls!”

  • I'll concede the study part - Claudia Dubois, Fri Jan 26 14:37
    So far fourth year was just as terrible as Claudia had imagined it would be. An optimist might argue that they were not yet two weeks into term, and that was plenty of time for the situation to... more
    • Less studying, more buddying, please - Marley, Sat Jan 27 01:26
      • I'm working on it - Claudia, Mon Jan 29 08:27
        She probably ought not to have been surprised that Marley didn’t know she was taking runes - considering Claudia hadn’t spoken to her to tell her - yet somehow the realization that they didn’t know... more
        • But I'm always a step ahead of you - Marley, Tue Jan 30 22:05
          Marley was surprised at how short her friend’s list of classes was. How was Claudia only taking five? She was literally the smartest girl in their year, and probably smartest out of the year above,... more
          • In the wrong direction - Claudia, Wed Jan 31 14:39
            Claudia’s relief that Marley would accompany her to duelling club was short-lived, because only a moment later Marley changed her answer. Claudia would not be surprised if she physically drooped,... more
            • Can it be "wrong" when it's a circle? - Marley, Fri Feb 2 22:24
              The other girl started closing her books and looked like she was getting all ready to come along, and Marley’s grin widened at the sight. Yes, finally, they would get to hang out again and have some... more
              • Stir anitclockwise and find out - Claudia, Sun Feb 4 14:45
                Marley supplied both possible answers to Claudia’s inquiry about her relationship with Teal, which was the only circumstance under which Claudia would welcome further details; Marley proceeded to... more
                • Claudia answered that she hadn’t been dating anyone, and Marley hummed in acknowledgement, giving a sort of half-nod. She wasn’t entirely sure why she had nodded, though. Nods were normally an... more
                  • This isn't a shape, it's a mess - Claudia, Wed Feb 7 07:11
                    Claudia didn’t realize she had been holding her breath until Marley spoke, and the paler girl felt her chest tighten; she reminded herself to breathe and that helped lessen her physical discomfort.... more
                    • Just a minor maze - Marley, Sat Feb 10 01:26
                      Unrestricted? Marley seized on the word, feeling her hopes rise a little stronger. If Claudia thought that ‘her’ culture (whatever that was; coming from a mixed Mediterranean and South American and... more
                      • Show me to the exit - Claudia, Sat Feb 10 07:59
                        She didn’t know. How could a person not know if they were attracted to someone? Claudia would concede she was hardly an expert on the matter, but she thought she understood attraction. She had even... more
                        • Oh no. Claudia’s answer was actually a non-answer, and she didn’t want to assume that a non-answer meant a no but it definitely wasn’t a yes either and that made it seem like Marley was gonna have to ... more
                          • This is a one-way street - Claudia, Sun Feb 11 06:06
                            Marley was frowning still, and the expression looked so out of place on her usually cheerful friend that Claudia felt bad for causing it. Yet she also felt - much as she had in previous conversations ... more
                            • With a dead end - Marley, Sun Feb 11 12:01
                              “Marley, I’m trying.” She wanted to say something - anything - in response to that, but there were too many options. She could retort with a ‘not very well’, to point out how Claudia was disrupting... more
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