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Mon Jan 29, 2018 08:27

She probably ought not to have been surprised that Marley didn’t know she was taking runes - considering Claudia hadn’t spoken to her to tell her - yet somehow the realization that they didn’t know what was happening in each others’ lives, even something as basic as what classes each other was taking, outlined the distance that had grown between them since that botched potions class. Claudia was lonely, and it was because of other people’s poor decisions (Marley over Teal, Connor over Drew, and even Danny had been busy with Marissa all summer), and that wasn’t fair. “No, I haven’t worked with Teal,” she answered, feeling a small headache brew between her eyebrows. She rubbed the spot distractedly.

“Mm,” Claudia hummed after Marley was done lamenting the hindrance of young owls (Claudia had seen Marley’s new owl, and so she was able to make the connection between the bird and its unusual name before she was lost in Marley’s words, something that happened with enough frequency that Claudia was accustomed to it). She elected to not venture comments on the summer letters - if she could avoid revealing she had not read or written a single letter it would perhaps be for the best, as she had given up on her silent treatment that Marley had not even noticed - and so focused instead on the question about her classes. That felt like a safe topic to discuss.

“You know I’m in cultural studies and spellwork,” she started, because those were the two classes she and Marley had in common this year. That was somewhat disappointing, because while Claudia tended not to partner Marley (because she preferred working on her own or, when partners were essential, to be with someone who might help to improve her grade), she was used to discussing classes with her, and sometimes they had worked on homework assignments together. That would be harder to maintain now they only had two classes the same. “Also ancient runes,” Claudia continued with the third subject Marley already knew about, keeping her voice low to avoid disturbing other students, “arithmancy and defense against the dark arts.” The last had been a surprise to her parents, and Claudia could understand that, considering she had never expressed any partiality towards the subject. In fact, some of the content had, on occasion, caused her no small amount of distress. However she had fared much better since Professor Embers took over, and besides, electing not to take a class that literally taught self preservation seemed a peculiar stance.

Yet there were other, more personal reasons Claudia had a recent interest in defensive magic. It had begun since that rather embarrassing interlude in the theater (which thankfully Heather had apparently not heard about, because Claudia had somehow only received further mention of it from Danny, and nobody else), during which she had first been presented with the concept of fighting as a way to solve problems. Brought up to denounce violence, Claudia had been fascinated by this counter-intuitive perspective, and had not been able to dismiss it as folly. Then, when Myfanwy had advocated all over the Diner one breakfastime, Dade had said he wouldn’t argue for any cause he cared about, and Claudia had found herself disagreeing; if there was a cause she cared about sufficiently to defend it, she would want to do so. Demonstrably, she had altered her relationships with both Connor and Marley because they had done things at odds with her principles, and she was finding it very difficult to restore some sort of balance - indeed she still wasn’t sure she wanted to ignore the things that had caused her to put distance between herself and her friends in the first place. That felt like giving up on her principles, and Claudia would rather fight for them. She was working on gaining the confidence to do so, but she lacked any real power. She did not condone the mindless violence that Ruben embodied, but her diminutive stature and the gaping hole in her knowledge of offensive spells would not serve her well if she attempted any sort of magical or physical altercation whatsoever. Naturally Claudia preferred verbal sparring, but there seemed to be no harm in broadening her options.

“I’m thinking about joining dueling club, too,” Claudia admitted, and she watched Marley for some sort of reaction. Admittedly the thought of having to pair with some of the older years made her stomach twist painfully, but some younger students went, too. Claudia was hoping she could ease in gradually. “Would you come too?” Even with the unstable state of their friendship, Claudia would feel more at ease with Marley there with her.

  • Less studying, more buddying, please - Marley, Sat Jan 27 01:26
    “Awesome!” Flipping open her book, she started digging around in her backpack again in search of a pen, but then she stopped because it occurred to her a bit too late that Claudia didn’t sound quite... more
    • I'm working on it - Claudia, Mon Jan 29 08:27
      • But I'm always a step ahead of you - Marley, Tue Jan 30 22:05
        Marley was surprised at how short her friend’s list of classes was. How was Claudia only taking five? She was literally the smartest girl in their year, and probably smartest out of the year above,... more
        • In the wrong direction - Claudia, Wed Jan 31 14:39
          Claudia’s relief that Marley would accompany her to duelling club was short-lived, because only a moment later Marley changed her answer. Claudia would not be surprised if she physically drooped,... more
          • Can it be "wrong" when it's a circle? - Marley, Fri Feb 2 22:24
            The other girl started closing her books and looked like she was getting all ready to come along, and Marley’s grin widened at the sight. Yes, finally, they would get to hang out again and have some... more
            • Stir anitclockwise and find out - Claudia, Sun Feb 4 14:45
              Marley supplied both possible answers to Claudia’s inquiry about her relationship with Teal, which was the only circumstance under which Claudia would welcome further details; Marley proceeded to... more
              • Claudia answered that she hadn’t been dating anyone, and Marley hummed in acknowledgement, giving a sort of half-nod. She wasn’t entirely sure why she had nodded, though. Nods were normally an... more
                • This isn't a shape, it's a mess - Claudia, Wed Feb 7 07:11
                  Claudia didn’t realize she had been holding her breath until Marley spoke, and the paler girl felt her chest tighten; she reminded herself to breathe and that helped lessen her physical discomfort.... more
                  • Just a minor maze - Marley, Sat Feb 10 01:26
                    Unrestricted? Marley seized on the word, feeling her hopes rise a little stronger. If Claudia thought that ‘her’ culture (whatever that was; coming from a mixed Mediterranean and South American and... more
                    • Show me to the exit - Claudia, Sat Feb 10 07:59
                      She didn’t know. How could a person not know if they were attracted to someone? Claudia would concede she was hardly an expert on the matter, but she thought she understood attraction. She had even... more
                      • Oh no. Claudia’s answer was actually a non-answer, and she didn’t want to assume that a non-answer meant a no but it definitely wasn’t a yes either and that made it seem like Marley was gonna have to ... more
                        • This is a one-way street - Claudia, Sun Feb 11 06:06
                          Marley was frowning still, and the expression looked so out of place on her usually cheerful friend that Claudia felt bad for causing it. Yet she also felt - much as she had in previous conversations ... more
                          • With a dead end - Marley, Sun Feb 11 12:01
                            “Marley, I’m trying.” She wanted to say something - anything - in response to that, but there were too many options. She could retort with a ‘not very well’, to point out how Claudia was disrupting... more
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