Armaan Bansal
I'm comfortable here, thanks.
Wed Jan 18, 2017 14:17

The secret passageways were dark and surprisingly claustrophobic. Armaan had never felt uncomfortable roaming them, but he had the distinct feeling something was coming after him, and the tunnel was narrowing. He began to jog, refusing to look behind him. There! A ladder appeared, barely visible in the gloom. A growl echoed off the walls. Armaan climbed up and still higher, emerging in the Sam Ash music store on Pearl Street.

The sixth-year walked up to one of the employees, “Do you have my guitar?” The employee nodded and walked over to the grand piano, lifting the cover up to reveal the blue electric guitar Armaan had been saving up for since last year. He picked it up and strummed it once, shattering the lights in the store. He flinched, afraid of the broken glass, and when he opened his eyes he was on a stage, a screaming crowd in front of him.

This was his moment. Everything had been building to this. He grabbed the mic as the spotlight centered on him. He opened his mouth to announce his band when a manager ran onto the stage.

“I don’t know if you’re aware, but you’re blocking an entire area off.” The crackling of the fire returned to his ears. He shifted on the couch, trying to get more comfortable. He needed to get back to that dream.

“If you wanted to sleep, you should’ve gone to your dorm.”

Okay. Who the hell was being so patronizing to him. The voice was too squeaky to be an older student, and it obviously wasn’t Ms. Toladaeri, the librarian. Armaan rolled his beanie up over his forehead and glared blearily at the kid standing above him.

“What is your problem, kid? Geez.” He rolled the beanie back over his eyes. “If you need a book just” he flung his arm haphazardly in the direction of the bookcase, “use wingardium leviosa or something. Figure it out.”

  • Why don't you go "work hard" somewhere else? - Nalo Darsha, Fri Jan 13 22:48
    Nalo didn’t like interacting with people. That’s why he went to the library. Books didn’t pry, and weren’t terribly unpredictable. Sure they had their twists and turns, their surprises. But for the... more
    • I'm comfortable here, thanks. - Armaan Bansal, Wed Jan 18 14:17
      • Well I'm not, thanks. - Nalo, Sun Jan 22 13:44
        Nalo gawked as the boy simply rolled his hat back over his eyes and waved him away. Had he not been clear? He had thought he had asked rather politely in fact. He could feel himself getting flustered ... more
        • Well that's too bad - Armaan, Fri Feb 3 18:42
          Armaan groaned as the kid started talking once more. All he wanted was to have a quick nap in the library. That was it. Why did that have to be so difficult? The sixth-year sighed the deepest of... more
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