With a dead end
Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:01

“Marley, I’m trying.”

She wanted to say something - anything - in response to that, but there were too many options. She could retort with a ‘not very well’, to point out how Claudia was disrupting her own progress with all those obvious hints about how she disapproved and telling her that she should feel like dating girls was hard. But that would mean giving up the chance to say ‘there is no try’, because Claudia kept saying she was trying but wasn’t actually doing anything to show she meant it. But the Yoda reference would probably be wasted on her, anyways. So instead she could say ‘but trying what?’ since, well, the way their conversation had turned just felt like one big attempt from Claudia to make Marley see it her way.

Marley understood the other perspective, maybe not perfectly, but she understood enough to know that homosexuality and bisexuality and whatever other non-heterosexualities could be really hard for some people in some societies. But this was North America! And RMI! They were living in a really progressive society with lots and lots of different types of people, and garbage ideas like racism and homophobia shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Except it was, in pockets of Muggle society. And also in the Pureblood world. It was so backwards and regressive and ugh.

So it was probably a good thing that Marley wasn’t able to decide what to say first, because all of those might have made the situation even worse. Claudia had gotten up to leave, and all that she could do at that point was snap back “Fine!” and then pointedly stare at the bookshelf opposite until the other girl was gone. And then frown back down at her notebook. She really wanted to just forget all of it, but she should get back to work... Yeah. Okay. She’d take advantage of Claudia leaving to hog this comfy chair and table for herself and finish preparing her next assignment, and after that she would get Alice and they could go to the Diner and eat all the ice cream they wanted, together, like real friends. Real friends who supported each other and sometimes disagreed but not in a bad way and--

She flopped her head down on the table. Just for a minute.

  • This is a one-way street - Claudia, Sun Feb 11 06:06
    Marley was frowning still, and the expression looked so out of place on her usually cheerful friend that Claudia felt bad for causing it. Yet she also felt - much as she had in previous conversations ... more
    • With a dead end - Marley, Sun Feb 11 12:01
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